ReshapeMe Review

Updated on July 8, 2021

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ReshapeMe is a fitness app mainly geared towards women who want to get rid of excess pounds at home. While most areas still have some lockdown restrictions on gyms, this can be a convenient alternative.

Whether it truly is a viable substitute to the visit to a nutritionist, I’m going to find out in this ReshapeMe review. I’ll cover the setup and share some insights into the dietary and workout routines related to its pricing and its competitors.

Pros & cons


Personalized meal plans

Realistic weight-loss estimates

Isn’t restrictive to your device type

Provides a good variety of workouts

Built-in step and water tracker

One of the most affordable weight loss apps on the market

Integrates well with iOS wearables


No free trial

No paleo option

Starting with ReshapeMeDs4dv6Z3VVF52isgpGVgn45bCKEq0H

There are two major routes on how you can start with ReshapeMe: download their app for Android/iOS or head to their website to use it via browser. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions to prepare your dietary and workout plan and choose a subscription plan.

What I also discovered was that the questionnaire has some anti-abuse mechanisms in place. For example, if you select something far below what would be considered a healthy weight, you get a pop-up saying that their plans are designed to be safe. This also ramps up your meal plan to stay within the needed 1800 daily calorie amount.

Other questions from the list narrow down their library of workout routines and recipes, determining what will be in your final 28-days challenge. You can also combine them with fasting, skipping some meals of the day for faster weight-loss results. 

How does it work?

There will be some differences to your ReshapeMe experience, depending on what kind of smartphone you have. If you’re on iPhone, you will be greeted with a slightly different user interface, as well. This doesn’t stop with the looks – on iOS, ReshapeMe takes advantage of built-in Health functionalities. For example, you can link your step count directly from the Health app. It will also work if you’re wearing an Apple Watch.

Nutrition plans and water tracker

Your suggested daily meals will depend on your food preferences. This works quite well. I included milk in the products that I didn’t eat during the initial survey. Not once was I offered a single dairy product. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you can expand this list further, including red meat, eggs, or other foods. 

The only drawback of their setup is the lack of a paleo diet option. As this lifestyle is quite popular and effective at managing weight, I was disappointed not to find it here. To compensate for it, you’ll have to manually select product types that you don’t eat.

All the recipes have a clear amount of calories, ingredients, and cooking time. You can even switch out the suggested daily meal to something else and get a different recipe.

What I also liked was that you can add your meals. It helps to keep the data as accurate as possible. If you’ve exceeded the daily calorie amount, you will be able to add that data, too.

iPhone users also get a water tracker, where you manually select the amount of water you drank during the day.


What kind of workouts you get will depend the most on your current activity level. If you’re already active, you can expect more physically demanding exercises: single leg bridges, ab holds, and the like. Meanwhile, if you’re only starting, your introduction will probably be arm and neck circles. If you stay with the app for a long time, you notice that the exercises are gradually becoming harder while still being under 15 minutes.B6jPqfXxx2aiiKAiFUOzrSOZeSkBK7cbUZqb41Qph 76BHWBLwyIdSKALa TMQYtWltwXtPjDtBERUrQeyHa2QBsLndb3x1zkJCMgZBV4oLzocp7hoDlNSVfE

All routines are shown in short videos. The only thing that I felt was missing was indications of when I should inhale or exhale. The trainer’s mouth was visible in some videos, while on others, it wasn’t that easy to tell.

Some background music would make the videos more entertaining and help you get in the rhythm. On top of that, it isn’t possible to cast the app to the TV. This sometimes makes it challenging to check what routine you’re supposed to be doing.

Still, you don’t always have to follow the provided workout plan blindly. You can add custom physical activities, which will calculate towards your daily goal. So, for example, if you went cycling, you can add the duration. It will automatically calculate how many calories you’ve burned.

Plans and pricing

After your survey, you get some insights for free: body mass index, your daily step goal, and whether you’re overweight. If you’re a free user, that’s the end of the line – there is no free trial.

To continue with your individual weight-loss plan, you’ll have to pick one of the three options:

They have three options:

12-month plan $1.25/week or $66/year

6-month plan $1.75/week or $46 for half a year

1-month plan $4.40/week or $19/month

Keep in mind that the amount will be dedicated instantly, so plan your purchase accordingly. The service also relies on automatic renewals unless you cancel it from your account settings.

Most fitness apps that offer individual workout routines don’t provide refunds, ReshapeMe is no exception. Though, canceling a plan is as easy as going to settings and tapping the Cancel button.

How does the app stack against the competition?

The premise of the ReshapeMe puts it in direct competition against Noom, WW, and Jillian Michaels Fitness App, to name a few. Though, there are some quite significant differences between their features and pricing.

WW – integrates weight loss with community features to keep you motivated. You do get a personalized weight loss program that covers recipes and workouts, much like ReshapeMe. Their four plans range from $20 to $59.95 per month. ReshapeMe does provide a more budget-friendly option.

Noom – takes a bit different weight loss route focusing on psychology. It will try to shift your attitude toward your dietary habits. You won’t get a workout plan, just daily goals to achieve, which most often revolves around daily step count. Despite the lack of actual workouts, their cheapest monthly plan costs $59. Longer plans have discounts, but the lowest price doesn’t dip below $16.

Jillian Michaels Fitness App – design-wise and feature-wise the most similar option to Reshape. It also gives you daily meal and workout plans. Though, Jillian Michaels app seems to be best suited to those who are already active. There is a seven-day free trial, but no matter what duration plan you’ll pick, the price will always stay $14.99.

All options considered, ReshapeMe is offering a much better bargain than most fitness-focused alternatives. Pricing alone could be a strong argument as, why you should look into it.

Is ReshapeMe a good choice?

Despite its modest presence, ReshapeMe is one of the most promising fitness apps that I’ve tried. Personalized meal plans are designed to provide a substitute for healthier but still tasty meals that will help you to lose weight. At the same time, the workout plans are simple enough and won’t exhaust you even if you’re just beginning to be more active. All of which should help you in your pursuit of a perfect body shape.

ReshapeMe’s main drawbacks include the lack of paleo option, and their workout videos. Not only are they silent, but you also can’t cast them to your TV.  Having said that, if you’re willing to follow its advice, ReshapeMe is a superb home solution to getting back in shape, the easy way.

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