Why A Veterinary Practice Needs to Embrace New Technology and New Ways of Working

Keep ahead of the competition within the tough animal pet and healthcare market can be challenging even on the best months. Staying ahead of competing practices means that you have to stay ahead of the curve. You have to offer new updated technologies and practices that other practices are not offering. When clients and pet owners choose a new veterinary practice, they are looking at quality of care and price. When you offer the latest technology, you can ensure that you give your clients exactly what they need.

EMR-Electronic Medical Records


You practice has to keep up with how quickly things are moving and if you haven’t already embraced electronic record keeping then why not? When you have easy and quick access to customer and client records you can move forwards quicker, make more informed decisions and ensure that your practice is running as efficiently as possible. Electronic records are advantageous because they are secure than paper records and this means they cannot get lost as easily. When you have access to records quickly you can solve problems more effectively and efficiently which will ultimately save your practice both time and money.

Good Communication 

Embracing new technologies and streamlines ways of working will help you communicate better both internally within your practice and externally with your clients and customers. When clients feel there is good communication present, they will stay the course with your practice for the duration of their pet’s life and this is what you want. It is more costly to fin new clients as opposed to keeping existing ones, so keeping communication clean, transparent and efficient should be a new way of working that you adopt at your earliest convenience.

Care and Empathy

It can be hard to focus on all areas of the client journey as a practice, but you must make care and empathy as important as anything else you do or offering. A new way of working should focus on your practice being caring and empathetic in as many situations as circumstances allow. When you retune your efforts and you move towards offering more care and empathy you create a better reputation, which will of course lead to an increase in business. For example, when you look at the vets over at kellycrossinganimalhospital.com you will see that empathy and care for both the client and animal are at the core of everything they do. When so much care and empathy is standard and woven in to everything your practice does you can expect more regular and repeat business.

New Technology and New Processes

Pet owners like to know that the practice they use is as up to date and advanced within its field as it can possibly be and this is why you should regularly review and update your technology and processes as frequently as possible. Evaluating what you are offering regularly, and enhancing the service or services you provide will ensure that your practice goes from strength to strength no matter what the economic climate.

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