Refined and Efficient Ways to Keep Your Cannabis Potent

Updated on July 5, 2021

Plastic baggies and airtight tin containers may have been great in the past, but nowadays weed containers have become refined and offer more efficient ways of keeping the cannabis fresh and potent. When it comes to cannabis’s expiration date, there are a few factors one should keep in mind, to extend its shelf life.

From weed humidors to simple glass jars, there are plenty of options to choose from. Although main factors include humidity and temperature, there are still a few other things you should consider when storing quality weed.

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Cannabis containers

Without proper storage, cannabis can end up drying up or growing mold, which will be unsafe for consumption. Weed connoisseurs usually want the best, so they often choose weed containers that offer proper humidity and temperature controls, light protection, and are made of the finest wood. Most of them are aesthetically pleasing, and the best ones are made of mahogany on the interior of the cannabis humidors, and an exterior made of walnut and cherry.

Using mahogany instead of cedar is better because it better controls the humidity and doesn’t produce odors or residue. The exterior makes it look like a luxury jewelry box and the best part is you can display it in plain sight and not make it so obvious. Some cannabis containers even offer jars with adjustable ventilated lids which are great for allowing humid air to enter and at the same time keeping proper relative humidity.

Pay attention to the elements

Keeping your weed away from harmful elements is crucial. Humidity, temperature, light, and air can harm your stash making it unsafe for use. Always look for cannabis humidors that offer great conditions for bud storage. Elements to look out for are:


Humidity control is crucial to preventing mildew and mold from affecting your stash. Remember to keep your weed at a relative humidity level of no more than 65% because anything above will significantly increase the likelihood of your weed growing mold. So, to maintain color, aroma, flavor, and consistency you need to keep the humidity levels between 59% and 63%.

Usually, people who store weed for smoking keep an RH level of 62%, and ones who prefer to vape, leave it at a lower RH level of around 54%. Serious cannabis connoisseurs know that storing the weed in products that guarantee protection from the elements is the best choice.  

Ideal temperature

It’s very important to store your weed in a cool and cold spot to preserve its psychoactive potency. The ideal temperature is around 21°C (70°F). This is a great temperature since using higher ones will dry out the buds. Also, when combined with high humidity, it can lead to mold and mildew and you will no longer have safe and healthy cannabis to use.

Bear in mind that excessive cold can slow down the decarboxylation process by which organic cannabinoids are activated so that the natural endocannabinoid system in our body can reap the benefits.  

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Exposing your weed to UV rays is the fastest way to age it. The sun can bleach the buds of your stash, just as much as it can burn your skin. Research published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, on the stability of cannabis and its preparations on storage, concluded that light is the single largest contributor to the deterioration and loss of cannabinoids.

Light reduces weed’s potency and worsens the bud’s taste. But, remember that if stored properly cannabis can remain stable for up to 2 years. Titanium containers might be the best choice to prevent this, since they protect from UV rays, and don’t taint the bud with flavor-altering chemicals.

Air control

Marijuana usually requires oxygen during the growth phase, but too much air during storage can degrade it. As too much air can degrade it, too little air can greatly affect the relative humidity. So, when storing your weed, pay attention to the right amount of air to keep it fresh and potent.

Using airtight containers will help you protect your stash from the elements that work against it. Usually, the most used ones are glass jars, since plastic containers can make the buds sweat moisture. For example, if you want to protect it from the elements, you might want to consider a blacked-out UV airtight glass jar.

Final thoughts

Aging is inevitable, but with proper preservation, it can be slowed down. Knowing what can harm the buds will help you find the proper products which will retain their potency for months. If stored properly cannabis seeds and oils will also remain viable for years. So, remember to pay attention before purchasing a weed container. 

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