Quietum Plus Reviews: Best Tinnitus Relief Supplement!

Updated on March 3, 2021

If the Hearing Loss Association of America is to be believed, 48 million US citizens are affected by hearing loss. That’s more than 14% of the country’s population!

Age is the most common reason for causing hearing loss.  One in three people aged 65-74 in the US suffers from age-related hearing loss. Is hearing loss inevitable?

Although we have advanced technologies like the hearing aid to help those affected by hearing loss, not everyone can afford it. The same goes for invasive surgeries.

Tinnitus feels like a continuous ringing in the ear as it takes some time to realize that only you are experiencing this ringing coming from inside the body. Quietum Plus supplement claims to offer complete Dietary support for all hearing related problem 

Let’s have an in- depth review about the product!


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Quietum Plus Review : Product Overview

Even if a person can afford a hearing aid and other solutions to hearing loss, they don’t always work. That’s why an alternative and effective remedy is needed to suppress the factors contributing to hearing loss.

It is a dietary supplement made by using only natural ingredients. Quietum Plus improves the hearing mechanism, maintains good ear health, and slows the degradation of the auditory system.

Pros of Quietum Plus:

  • Costs far less than a hearing aid
  • Made only using natural products
  • Made in FDA-approved facilities that abide by Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines
  • Does not cause side effects
  • Fixes the root cause of the problem instead of offering a temporary relief
  • Can be consumed for a long duration without causing tolerance
  • Offers protection against nerve damage and other hearing issues
  • Improves ear health by regulating blood flow
  • Offers some relief from anxiety and stress and improves mood
  • Improves brain health and cognitive abilities
  • Comes with a money back guarantee

Cons of Quietum Plus:

  • Can only be purchased from the official website
  • The product is made in limited batches. So, sometimes customers may have to wait if the product has been sold out.

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Who Should Use Quietum Plus?

Anybody who wishes to improve their weakened sense of hearing or wishes to stay safe from hearing-related conditions by maintaining good ear health should buy Quietum Plus.

Before starting with any supplement, it is best to understand if the product is safe for consumption. Since the cleanliness and quality of Quietum Plus are known, let’s look into other factors.

Quietum Plus is not recommended for those who are less than 18 years old and for pregnant or nursing mothers. So, those who fall under these categories must not consume Quietum Plus.

Users must first consult with their physicians before starting with Quietum Plus doses. If any users are on a medication, they must discuss with their physician if it is safe to proceed with Quietum Plus doses.

Users must also check the list of ingredients used in Quietum Plus. If they are allergic to any of them, they must not consume Quietum Plus.

Quietum Plus Ingredients:

  • Fenugreek

Fenugreek can greatly improve the quality of life by alleviating earaches. It is also potent at reducing inflammation.

The primary cause of hearing loss has got to do with the Eustachian tube that connects the ear with the mouth.

Most cases of hearing loss are a result of this tube getting blocked with waste produced naturally by the ear. One can physically get rid of this waste or else let fenugreek improve the situation.

  • Dong Quai

It is very good for the heart. It increases the flow of blood to all parts of the body. By doing so, it makes sure that enough blood flows to the ear.

When there is sufficient flow of blood to the wars, the ear gets sufficient oxygen and other nutrients to function well.

  • Oat grass

Oat grass is full of antioxidants, and vitamins C, K, and folic acid. As we get older, an essential amino acid called Homocysteine affects the flow of blood to the ears. This makes it difficult to hear.

Folic acid helps break down this essential amino acid to improve hearing ability. Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and other vitamins help prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

  • Yam

Yam is rich in fiber, potassium, and manganese.

The sound waves need to be converted to nerve impulses that the brain can interpret as the sound it is familiar with. The fluid in the endolymph of the ear is responsible for this.

But this fluid starts decreasing as we age. Potassium helps replenish this liquid. Potassium also supports the growth of ear hairs by making more blood flow to them. These hairs protect the ear from dust and other impurities.

  • Motherwort

It helps increase the flow of blood throughout the body. By doing so, the blood flow to the ears and the brain is also increased.

This healthy blood flow improves the functioning of the brain and the ears. It also helps relieve tinnitus by supporting the growth of new cells.

  • Hops extract

Hops extract is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving capabilities. It relieves the pain in the ears if any. Those suffering from tinnitus find it useful as it helps them fall asleep and have a good quality of sleep.

  • L-tyrosine

It improves the communication between the brain and the ears by enhancing nerve cell communication. Because of this, the user finds it easy to grasp what is being said to him/her.

  • Pacific kelp

It is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins and improves overall body health. Multiple studies suggest that it improves overall brain functioning.

  • Red Clover

It reduces the buzzing noise that people suffering from tinnitus hear. Considering how disturbing and annoying the noise is, this is a hugely beneficial ingredient.

  • Chaste Tree Berry

Women suffering from tinnitus also experience other health problems such as irregular menstruation. This ingredient helps women by relieving these health issues.

This is how all the ingredients of Quietum Plus combine to give a synergistic effect that relieves pain in the ears, increasing blood flow to the ears, improving listening ability, reducing inflammation and pain, and relieving tinnitus. 

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Does Quietum Plus Really Work?

Quietum Plus was created after understanding how the ears work. It resolves all the seemingly minor issues that contribute to hearing loss and other ear diseases.

It also makes sure that the ears are in perfectly good health by providing the ears with a healthy flow of blood and other essential nutrients.

Like any effective supplement, Quietum Plus’s ingredients are responsible for giving the benefits it gives. 

Why Quietum Plus?

The biggest concerns about any supplement are the effectiveness and safety of using the product. Quietum Plus is created using only scientifically-proven natural ingredients.

Supplements that offer quick results are made using man-made chemicals. Even though they offer results, they also cause side effects. This is like trading one disease for another.

On the other hand, Quietum Plus is made using only natural ingredients. Although natural supplements take more time to offer results, they don’t cause any side effects.

And Quietum Plus works on the root cause of ear-related issues. So, if it is taken every day in moderation, the effects are long-lasting.

All the ingredients have been chosen after conducting in-depth research. The product is made only in FDA-approved facilities that abide by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines.

It does not contain any GMOs. So, it is safe enough to consume.

Benefits of Quietum Plus: 

  • It is a natural supplement that does not cause side effects
  • It repairs the damage done to the hearing mechanism
  • It provides all the nutrients the ear needs to function properly
  • It slows down the degeneration of the auditory system

Quietum Plus Side-Effects:

Only those products that contain toxins and other potentially harmful chemicals can cause side effects even when taken in moderation.

Quietum Plus contains only organic ingredients. It does not have any GMO products. And the products are made and stored in facilities that follow strict cleanliness guidelines.

That’s why Quietum Plus doesn’t cause any side effects. Users must make sure they are taking the doses every day and in the recommended quantity.

Even though the product doesn’t cause side effects, that doesn’t mean taking larger doses will give better results. In fact, that puts the user at risk of experiencing side effects.

In short, Quietum Plus does not cause side effects if consumed regularly and in moderation.

How often should I take Quietum Plus Supplement?

The recommended daily dosage is two pills every day. Users are suggested to take these two pills with lukewarm water early on in the day as that would allow the pills to work the whole day.

Every person’s body responds differently to a supplement. Some users may start experiencing noticeable differences within days. Others may have to wait for weeks.

That’s why users are suggested to use the products for at least 2 months before taking a final call on whether the product works for them or not.

Similarly, some users may not experience any effects by taking 2 pills every day as their body is less sensitive than others. In such cases, the quantity of dosage will have to be increased.

Similarly, someone who is sensitive may need only a smaller dose to experience the benefits. Such decisions of changing dose size should only be taken after consulting Quietum Plus’s customer service and the physician.

Reviews from users suggest that they experienced the positive effects for about 2 years after taking the recommended dose daily for 3 months.

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Where to buy the Quietum Plus?

Potential customers can find Quietum Plus on many websites. Some local stores also sell it. But the possibility of those products being genuine is low.

Because Quietum Plus is becoming popular, some people are trying to capitalize on it. They sell counterfeit products to make a quick buck.

The safety of using these fake products is highly questionable as nobody knows where they are prepared. All the ingredients are also not genuine.

Needless to say that they do not give the results that the genuine product gives. They may even cause side effects as these products are usually not even tested.

That’s why it is best to purchase Quietum Plus from the official website. It only sells authentic Quietum Plus products. If these products are available through any other source, they cannot be trusted.

How much Does the Quietum Plus Cost? 

Quietum Plus is available in three packages:

  • The Basic package contains 1 bottle and costs $69.
  • The Popular package contains 3 bottles and costs $177. That means the effective cost per bottle is $59.
  • The Best Value package contains 6 bottles and costs $294. That means the effective cost per bottle is $49.

The basic package is perfect for those who are ordering Quietum Plus for the first time. But those who have previously used it and know that it works for them should buy the best value package.

Regardless of the package purchased, the shipping is free for all orders to be delivered in the US. But additional shipping charges of $15.95 are payable for delivering orders to Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK.

Orders reach US addresses within 5-7 working days of placing the order. It may take anywhere from 10-15 days to deliver the order.

The customers can track their orders as they will receive an email including the tracking details within 60 hours of placing the order.

If for some reason the customer isn’t satisfied with the product, he/she may initiate a refund request. The customer only has to send back the used and unused bottles to Quietum Plus.

The address for the return shipment is 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112. Provided that all the bottles have been sent back, the money will be refunded within days of the return shipment reaching the above address.

The refund request is valid as long as the return shipment was shipped within 60 days after the original shipping date. The customer will have to bear the shipping charges for the return shipment.

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In Conclusion: Is Quietum Plus Good For Hearing?

Compared to the costs of hearing aid and other remedies such as invasive surgeries, Quietum Plus is quite affordable. And unlike other remedies, Quietum Plus actually works.

And even if it doesn’t get a customer the expected results, the customer can get back his/her money by requesting a refund.

The product seems genuine as it suggests users use it for several weeks before evaluating its performance.

No claims are made about the product being a magic pill that instantly cures hearing loss. It works slowly and steadily.Quietum Plus is worth trying, especially because it is an affordable and natural remedy without any side effects.

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