Promote your business on social media with these 10 tips


After the dot-com bubble bursting two decades ago, it was hard to say whether social media improved or invaded our lives. More than half of the world’s population uses social media today. In the pre-Covid-19 era, there was still a split between the companies using social media to interact with their customers and those that preferred to stick to the traditional brick-and-mortar model. However, the pandemic pushed almost every business towards complete digitalization.

As per the 2020 Small Business Digital Maturity Study,  digitalization has become a matter of survival rather than simply a way of gaining a competitive advantage. Marketing techniques and customer interaction followed the same pattern, progressing from print and electronic media to social media. 

All the same, some people still wonder whether it is feasible to invest in social media marketing. In this article, we shall show you the importance of diving into the social media marketing sea and give you ten killer tips to enhance your experience.

Why should you use social media?

Consider the following scenario. Should a fisherman harvest fish from a vast river where the fish are scattered and hard to find or an artificial pond where tons of fish are available in abundance? The world is a river, while social media is a pond, and your business is the fisherman. 

Oberlo reveals that around 3.78 billion people use social media worldwide. This is about 50% of the planet’s total population. Now, how does this help your business? According to Facebook IQ, 54% of users make a purchase after viewing a product on Instagram. This means that your company will have access to willing customers from all around the world, thanks to social media.

10 killer tips to promote your business on social media

1Choose the right platform

With the rise of major social media sites, each platform now has its own audience. As a business, you will be successful if you tailor your material to each platform’s unique audience. To do this, you first need to understand your target market and the nature of your own business. Do you want to sell directly to consumers, or are you a B2B company? Knowing these details will help you choose the right platform and type of content to be delivered. Some of the major platforms and their use include:

  • Facebook – almost everyone uses Facebook. It’s beneficial for news/entertainment-related material.
  • LinkedIn –  this is a professional network that caters to business-to-business (B2B) audiences. LinkedIn Pulse, a content production and distribution tool, is also included.
  • Instagram – If you have a lot of graphic content, this is the way to go. Static pictures and brief videos are quite effective.

2Create engaging content

This point is related to the previous one. Following your selection of the appropriate platform, you must create compelling content. You can not merely throw extensive texts or needless graphics down your customers’ throats, as previously said. This is only going to push them away. You must recognize that your customers are people looking for entertaining and valuable content. If you give them what they want, you have already won the race.

3Earn trust rather than trying to sell/ Get user-generated content

Your audience has become more psychologically sophisticated. They are no longer interested in sales practices or businesses that overpromote themselves. Hence, it is advisable to gain your audience’s trust by demonstrating that you care about them. Tell them you’re here to assist them, not to sell them something. More educational content about community issues or future activities should be shared.

4Create groups, pages, contests

The easiest approach to keep consumers loyal and get references is to create a customer community. Facebook is the finest medium for this because it attracts 4.4 billion monthly visitors. While Facebook Pages aren’t always effective, Facebook Groups can be a great way to engage your target audience.

Creating prize-winning competitions is another excellent approach to engage your clients. People enjoy receiving gifts, and this will be a fantastic method to attract new clients. If you want to send them a gift directly, you can use Nuwber to find their address. If the customer is happy about the present, encourage them to share it on social media, thus also you will receive a bit of promotionion.

5Stay active and responsive.

Customers are irritated when they do not receive a response from you. It is insufficient to state that you care about them in your postings simply. You must provide good customer service by replying to their inquiries swiftly. Otherwise, they will switch to a company that offers better customer service.

6Schedule your posts

However, the aforementioned does not imply that you should bombard your audience with content every hour. Customers will flee if the amount of information you provide overwhelms them. Try publishing once a day and allowing people to comment on the same post. Don’t overfeed your clients.

7Cross-promote on different platforms

Even though picking the right platform is critical, nothing prevents you from cross-promoting on other platforms. You can, for example, use LinkedIn to reach out to your target businesses and then utilize Facebook to keep them connected.

8Stay up to date with the latest trends

However, if you are unaware of changes in marketing strategies, algorithms, and gimmicks, you will not be able to exploit your appealing material fully. They are constantly evolving, with algorithms being changed now and then. Make it your mission to keep up with the latest social media trends and shifts.

9Make use of the tools

If you are a novice, all of the above may be incredibly overwhelming. Even established organizations may seek to save time and manage their content using the available tools. As a result, using social media management software to manage and schedule your social material is critical. Therefore make use of the available tools to enhance your promotional campaign.

1010.Know your opponents

If you’re working hard to improve your business’s marketing, expand your consumer base, and establish a positive reputation, someone may be working just as hard to discredit you. In such a case, you must be cautious and proactive. If someone tries to pull you down by claiming, for example, that you are selling low-quality goods, first determine whether the individual really purchased anything. Respond to criticism, be proactive, try to resolve the issues without a conflict. But don’t be afraid to stand for yourself and your business.


Social media, when handled correctly, can propel any company to new heights. Making a Facebook page and posting without a strategy, on the other hand, will not get your organization anywhere. As a result, if these ten suggestions are followed correctly, they will be incredibly advantageous.


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