Best Ways to Legally Buy Weed in Canada

Updated on August 18, 2021

Cannabis has been legalized in Canada since 2018 but getting to buy weed for recreational purposes is still a wonder for many. Since storing, supplying, and selling cannabis in Canada are subject to provincial laws, legally getting your hands on weed can be confusing. The provincial governments have highly subjective rules where sales of cannabis are concerned. You could simply buy weed from a licensed, legal provider as in some provinces, while others require you to get onto their specific website for purchasing weed. 

Needless to say, there are highly guarded laws when it comes to legal purchasing age, public consumption, possession capacity, and retail outlets in Canada. Being a legal adult, you can have upto four cannabis plants at home, grown for recreational purposes apart from buying dried leaves, oils, and pre-rolled joints. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that unless and until you are a responsible citizen abiding by the law, you are completely safe to use weed for both recreational and medicinal uses within the set limits. 

So, let’s see all the best ways to buy weed in Canada legally without much delay!

Buy Online:

BC Bud Supply

If you are in a province that allows you to buy weed online from a licensed, legal retailer, shopping for weed and cannabis products from BC Bud Supply is the best way to go. It is a chain of licensed suppliers that collect the best quality weed from top-notch cannabis growers and bring their extensive catalog from CBD products, concentrates, edibles to vapes, and accessories at affordable and reasonable prices. 

They have reliable, discreet, and fail proof shipping arrangements that help you maintain your weed stash with all due privacy. Of course, you get the all-inclusive weed supplies paired with excellent customer support, safe payment options, and, needless to say, in a legal manner. Their rewards, coupons, and referral programs are the cherry on top. 

Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

In case you are hailing from places that require you to obtain a specific access code to buy weed like Nova Scotia, the best way to buy weed is to get in touch with a regional certified website like the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation. Accessible through both offline and online modes, you will have to get a special access code that is obtained only in-store. 

So once you specify that you are of legal buying age, you could transverse in-store to buy, choosing the best retail option from the certified 12 weed stores of Nova Scotia as of their official website. Or, you could get the access code and get your desired products from the comfort, safety, and privacy of your home. 

Instore purchase:

Provinces like Alberta and British Columbia have over 400 stores that allow in-store browsing of cannabis products and purchases.

Canna Cabana

Located in cities like Calgary, Hamilton and Airdrie, Canna Cabana is a cannabis store you should definitely check off from your weed bucket list if you are near an outlet. The store also has outlets in Banff, Beaumont and is a leading cannabis store in major cities like Toronto and Marlborough.

Cannabis lounges:

Canada remains a bit orthodox when it comes to public consumption of weed, but some smoking lounges have been making big for a decade, like the esteemed HotBox cafe. 

HotBox cafe

HotBox Cafe is a private smoking lounge in Toronto and offers you a quite sophisticated and civilized weed culture exposure in the middle of the Kensington Market. You could buy your collection from the Ontario Cannabis Store online or in-store and have a drag in the lounge.

The Green Room

Operating from New Brunswick’s Saint John, the private lounge cafe is a haven for responsible smokers who can bring their own joints and vapes. The cafe has strict membership rules to abide by age and consumption laws, and being the responsible organization they are; you are required to have a driver or taxi arrangements ready if you choose to smoke in the cafe. The New Cannabis NB store is a great place to buy your weed in New Brunswick, and you get a varied range of 76 products to choose from their website.

New Amsterdam Cafe

Taking after the infamous Amsterdam cafes that allow open and public smoking, the New Amsterdam Cafe in British Columbia is a cannabis lounge that caters to people looking for a legal smoke joint, but with the catch that you have to bring your own stash. The cafe serves great snacks to complement their bongs and digs services and is free for people arriving after 5 pm. 

You could definitely take your stash bought from BC Bud Supply or try the BC Cannabis Stores and their array of products. 

Though cannabis lounges are a great way to have some safe fun with like-minded people, these lounges only allow for indoor recreational weed consumption; hence, smoking out, even on the lounge premises, might as well be considered illegal and worthy of a ticket.

Cannabis-friendly staycations:

If you are looking for a great stay with your weed roll in hand, you might or might not want to check in with Airbnb. Though tight-lipped on their decision on cannabis usage, the site has stated that the particular decision is in the hand of the host itself. So, if you do have to check in with an Airbnb host, search for “420-friendly” or green hosts. So the better staycation way of smoking when it comes to cannabis are Bud and Breakfast and Dank Destinations. 

Bud and Breakfast

The site follows after Airbnb, with the exception that they provide great locations that are actually cannabis-friendly and dedicated to going green. They have listed over 30 amazing places all over Canada, with listings in Ontario and Montreal. So you can have a great stay and legally enjoy the leisure of recreational weed.

Dank Destinations also list a single place in Calgary that allows weed consumption in designated smoking areas.

Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa

The high-end Inn and Spa in Haliburton, Ontario, goes by the cannabis-friendly resort of Canada and allows you to indulge in cannabis with pretty lakeside views and smoking areas. 

Another great way to buy weed legally in Canada is by purchasing weed edibles from cannabis lounges or other compassionate green and legal weed clubs in your area. You can also get legal cannabis prescribed to you if you need it medically or get it prescribed for your pets. Considering the long-running list of the benefits of CBD products buying CBD oils, infusions, vapes, and ointments from official websites should definitely be on your list. Do check these ways and out, and happy smoking!

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