Primobolan Review

Updated on March 11, 2023

Primobolan was originally marketed to help patients as a treatment for anemia and bone marrow failure to increase strength in bones and muscles that is lost due to the lack of bone marrow and iron in the blood. 

Primobolan has been discontinued entirely and is now an illegal steroid due to its adverse effects on the body. However, some athletes and bodybuilders still use it today to help increase muscle mass and burn off fat easily.

In this review, we will be showing you the effects of Primobolan use, and why you should use a safer and legal option instead. 


Primobolan: Overview

Primobolan is a steroid derived from DHT. DHT is used as a powerful testosterone booster that has been known to increase muscle mass and to burn off unwanted fat. 

It also aids in prostate function, which further aids in increasing your body mass. It also helps in performance, as it is a sex hormone booster and aids in higher energy in general. 

Although illegal, the benefits of Primobolan make it easy for athletes and bodybuilders to ignore the effects of it to see results faster. Negative effects that are known are mania and decreased function of the muscles around the heart.

However, athletes and bodybuilders often do not look at the long-term side effects since they do not happen immediately. Instead, they focus on the short-term effects of muscle building and fat loss.

Primobolan has also been known to increase performance. An increase in performance allows athletes and bodybuilders to spend more time in the gym without getting tired as quickly. The increase in work out times also leads to an increase in muscle growth and body fat loss. 

Primobolan also aids in NO2 production in the body. NO2 is important when you are working on building your muscles. It is an important element to relax your blood vessels while also providing essential nutrients to your body and improving your stamina.  

The increase in stamina allows bodybuilders and athletes to work out for longer without getting tired. It makes them see their gains faster by working out longer and harder. It also makes them not notice any muscle soreness, providing them with enough incentive to use the product.

Along with stamina comes the increase in energy. The increased blood flow in the body allows for you to not feel tired as easily. This allows for longer periods at the gym working out and for longer routines. With longer routines and time in the gym, their muscle mass and endurance will increase.

Offers Prompt Results

When you are a bodybuilder or athlete, you want to see gains fast to out-do your competition. This is why Primobolan is used, despite the negative effects it can have on your body. The need for increased muscle mass and body fat loss allows people to ignore the side effects, even though they can be detrimental.

Although athletes do not focus as much as bodybuilders on muscle gain, they do focus on the benefits of stamina and energy. 

With an increase in energy, you will be able to work out longer and harder than without the product and blow away the competition. Stamina allows you to work out longer, and when competing, you will be able to work harder without much direct conflict.

However, there are effects of the use of this illegal steroid. After all, it is illegal for a reason. But athletes and bodybuilders still use it despite the effects. In the next session, we will be exploring why it is still used by many.


Why Is Primobolan Used?

Primobolan was initially marketed to help patients with anemia and bone marrow failure. It helps with blood flow in the body and to strengthen bones, which these patients suffer from.

However, the strength building and increased blood flow in the muscles are beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders. It allows them to excel in their sport or competition.

Even people who simply want to lose weight have been reported to use Primobolan. The steroid has been known to decrease body fat without weakening the muscles or bones in the body. 

Primobolan is also known to increase metabolism through the increase of NO2 in the body. It promotes weight loss, and you do not lose any muscle mass or strength.

Primobolan Cycling

Primobolan is used in cycling by athletes and bodybuilders.

Cycling is when you take a drug at an interval and take a break from it at the same interval. For example, you can take the steroid for 5 days, then take a break for 5, and repeat the process. It is the most common interval, but you can also see some people do shorter or longer intervals of using the steroid.

Dosage varies on many factors, including gender, tolerance, weight, and benefits that you wish to see.

Gender Plays A Huge Role in The Use of Primobolan

It produces more testosterone in the body to give you the results you want to see. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, so although it is present in the female body, it is less in quantity. Females will use Primobolan at a smaller quantity and duration for this reason.

Tolerance is important for any product. Primobolan should not be used for more than 6 weeks. The longer you use the product, the more tolerant your body will be to it. It will lower the effects of the drug, making you want to take more of it, which is not safe.

Cycling allows for athletes to use the drug during their time off. Using it on time ensures that you are not losing the muscle mass you gained previously. It is also used in athletes before a contest. So, they get all the benefits of using the steroid before and during the competition.

Primobolan Is Ingested in Two Ways

Primobolan is ingested in two ways: injection and orally. The injection is detectable in the body for one to two weeks. There is also a risk of infection of the needle, and your blood bubbling. 

There is also the risk of air pockets getting into your bloodstream when injecting any substance into your body. Orally, it is only detectable in the body for 1 to 2 days. However, the use of an oral drug has effects on the liver and kidneys, increasing your risk for those organs failing in the long run.

The effects of the cycle are hard for an athlete or a bodybuilder to ignore. They can work out longer and harder, see their results faster, and have higher energy. 

So, they do not feel the effects of working out for long periods of time. When taking time off, they will not lose any muscle mass, which is yet another plus for the illegal steroid.

These effects will blind any athlete or bodybuilder looking to increase their performance. However, there are long term side effects that are not worth the short term.

What Are the Side Effects of Primobolan?

If it is illegal, why athletes and bodybuilders continue to use Primobolan?

The benefits of Primobolan make athletes and bodybuilders blind to the negative effects it can have on their bodies in the long run.

Increased Stamina

With higher stamina, you can spend more time in the gym. For athletes, you can work harder during a competition without feeling as tired. The increased gym time can also improve muscle growth, which is luring for bodybuilders.

Muscle Growth

The increase of NO2 in the blood leads to faster and larger muscle growth. The muscles are also stronger, and are denser, making them more appealing. 

Lean Muscle Growth

Lean muscle is produced with an increase of NO2 and the loss of body fat. It is more suitable for athletes who do not focus purely on muscle, but also the strength that is found in them for their competition.

Higher Energy

Higher energy allows for longer and harder periods at the gym. The more time spent at the gym, the higher your muscle mass growth will be. It also allows athletes to work on their endurance for longer. 

Body Fat Loss

Primobolan increases metabolism, allowing for higher body fat loss. Not only does a loss of body fat allow for your muscles to be seen easier, but it also gives more confidence to the user. 

When you are more confident, you often can work towards your goals without giving up as easily, yielding you more muscle growth and stamina.

Of course, these benefits look appealing to anyone. Who doesn’t want body fat loss with stronger muscles? 

It is easy to see why bodybuilders and athletes gravitate to the illegal steroid. However, it is illegal for a reason. Let’s take a look at the negative side effects of the use of Primobolan.

Reported effects of Primobolan include:

  • Mood swings
  • Mania
  • Aggression 
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Liver damage

Of course, these are a few side effects of Primobolan, and which is why this steroid is banned in most countries. 

Those that use Primobolan have a higher rate of mental illness and can often go into an uncontrollable rage, making them dangerous and abusive. These side effects are common in most illegal steroids.

It also has effects on the heart. Higher blood pressure can damage heart function and lead to more significant health problems.

As mentioned before, it can also cause a decline in the muscles’ function around the heart. A decrease in myocardial function can cause heart attacks, which can lead to sudden death. 

If you do not have a heart attack, you can also experience a drop in energy due to a lack of blood flow. It will make your workouts even harder to complete, and you will not see the benefits you desire.  

When paired with exercising, the decrease in muscle function around the heart can make you experience chest pain and shortness of breath. These effects will cause you to have to take more breaks during your workout, or even end your workout entirely to avoid passing out. 


The Use of Primobolan Has Also Been Linked to Liver Damage

The liver is to produce proteins and plasma for the blood, as well as to store and get rid of bile in the body. With liver damage, you will not only produce less protein but also possibly gain weight because the lipids (fat) in your body are not being dispersed properly.

The liver also produces good cholesterol in the body. With the use of Primobolan, the testosterone produces more overall cholesterol in the body. 

Paired with a damaged liver, you will see that you have an increase in bad cholesterol and a decrease in good cholesterol. Bad cholesterol has a negative effect on the heart, making it work harder and increasing the risk of blockages. 

Although there are a number of negative side effects, with not all of them being listed, they are not taken into question by those using Primobolan for gain because it takes longer for the negative effects to take a toll on the body. 

Negative Side Effects Happen Over Time in The Human Body

The negative side effects happen over time in the body, depending on the dose and the period of time that you take the steroid for. If you take a higher dose, you will see the negative effects sooner than someone who takes a smaller dose. 

Also, if you take the steroid for a longer time, you will have a higher risk of side effects. Your weight is also a factor, because the lower your weight, the higher stress there is on your heart to get through a workout.

If it is illegal, how can so many people still be using it? The use of the internet allows for black market drugs to be accessed more easily. The benefits of Primobolan have also promoted the popularity even further. 

Most sports organizations test for the use of illegal steroids to ensure fair competition among the competitors. However, as mentioned, small doses taken orally can be out of your system by the time you are tested for illegal steroid use. 

Primobolan is illegal for a good reason; it can cost you significantly, and even take your life if mishandled.

How Does Primobolan Work?

As mentioned, Primobolan increases the amount of NO2 in the bloodstream. It allows for optimal nutrient and protein flow to your muscles to burn, and thus increase. 

It also increases your energy and stamina through the protein and nutrients that are being received.

The drug was initially marketed for those suffering from anemia or bone marrow failure. Both of these ailments cause the body to be weakened, and muscles will weaken along with it. It was also used as hormone therapy in men. 

Due to its effect on mood and the heart, it was discontinued for use in the United States in the mid-1900s. It was then pushed to Europe in the 1960s and discontinued in 1993. 

It can also be known as methenolone or Primobolan Depot. It is, in general, a weak steroid, and can easily be flushed out of the system when taken orally, which is really great. 

The testosterone in Primobolan increases the overall amount of cholesterol in the body, which the liver then secretes more good cholesterol that your body needs when working out. 

It increases protein synthesis (protein breakdown) in the muscles, allowing them to grow stronger and bigger faster.

Why Is Primobolan Illegal?

Primobolan is illegal for both athletic use and medical use because of the devastating effects it can have on the body. Although it first became illegal in the United States, it is now illegal in most countries and is prohibited in all professional sports organizations.

Along with the effects, it was never marketed for sports use. It was used in the medical field for those suffering from anemia, bone marrow failure, or hormone imbalance.

There is also an unfair advantage with steroid use in the sports organization. It creates unfair enhancements to strength, stamina, and energy levels in players. Since it is not legal and can have some bad side effects if mishandled, one should be careful while using these steroids.


Primobolan Alternative: Why Is It Recommended?

If you are still thinking about using Primobolan despite its detrimental side effects, we urge you to stay away from banned substances. They are banned for a reason; it is to protect you. 

There is an alternative to Primobolan that has the same effects without being harmful to your body and is even stronger than Primobolan. It is Anvarol. 

Anvarol is a safe and secure approach to getting the results you are looking for without getting you disqualified.

Anvarol is used for the same benefits as Primobolan. It aids in fat loss, muscle growth, an increase in energy, an increase in strength, and an increase in stamina.

It is easy to take pill, meaning no injections. A one-month supply has 90 capsules, so you take 3 pills a day.

It is recommended that you cycle this product, just as you would cycle Primobolan. However, Anvarol is suitable for long-term use without detrimental effects. The recommended cycle is 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off. 

It also helps in fat burning and muscle growth without the use of testosterone, making it safe for women and those with high cholesterol. It will also not have the effects on the heart that is present with the use of Primobolan. 

Anvarol also provides energy for your muscles with the use of ATP. ATP is naturally produced in the body, but not in large enough amounts for optimal use when working out. 

Anvarol ensures that you are receiving enough ATP during your work out so you are not left feeling fatigued, and you can continue your workout.

The main ingredients in Anvarol are different proteins. Protein is important when working out, as that is what you are using to build your muscle. 

With an increase in protein, you will have an increase in protein synthesis for muscles, an increase in energy during workouts, and an increase in stamina. All of these are sought out when using Primobolan.

There are no harmful ingredients found in Anvarol. This makes it 100% safe, and all of the active ingredients are scientifically backed to ensure there is no harm being made to your body.

Anvarol has a 7-day guarantee if you are not happy with the product. There is also free worldwide shipping, so you can use a legal steroid no matter where you are. 

Anvarol also comes in bulk, so once you know you like the product, you can save money by buying more for less. Currently, it is available to purchase one bottle at a time or a bulk of three bottles. 

This makes it even easier to get your hands on, and even easier than Primobolan since it is a black-market drug. 

Anvarol gives you all of the benefits of Primobolan without the negative effects that are associated with it. 

It is 100% safe to use, and all the ingredients are scientifically backed to ensure you are getting what you need from the product. It is completely legal, and you have no fear of being disqualified with the use of this product.



If you want to check out any other legal steroids available on the market, you can look here. You will find other legal and safe steroids like this one. 

Illegal steroid use can have an effect on not only your career but also your life. The risk of losing your livelihood, detrimental health conditions, and even the cost of your life is not worth a win in a competition. Your life is worth more than that.

There are several options of legal and safe steroids out there that will not put your life on the line. 

Use supplements wisely; they are not worth putting your life on the line. Stay safe, work hard, and win those competitions!

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