Physiotherapists In Abbotsford at McCallum Physiotherapy Clinic

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Meet the Physiotherapists at McCallum Physiotherapy Clinic

There is a total of twelve different physiotherapist at the McCallum Physiotherapy Clinic with a combined experience of more than one hundred thirty years. Some have been at the same clinic for many years.


Physiotherapy has been around since the early 1900’s and is gaining more and more popularity as people want to have a more holistic experience in medicine. The people from McCallum Physiotherapy have been around since 2005. They have been helping people to heal in a healthy way since then.

Here is a list and short biography of the physiotherapists at McCallum Physiotherapy.

Dr. Alison Grimaldi

Dr. Grimaldi has been at the clinic since its beginnings in 2005, as a matter of fact she and her husband established the clinic. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy in 1990, a master’s degree in 1997, and got her PhD in 2008. She has been practicing for twenty-eight years and specializes in the management of hip, groin, and lumbo-pelvic pain and dysfunction.

Eric Huang

Eric has been a physiotherapist since 2008, and he specializes in hip and groin pain, neck, and upper back pain, and cycling related pain. He trained under Dr. Grimaldi to make him highly qualified in pain management. He also trains others in the GymStart program and helps people to understand how their bodies work to help them prevent injuries while exercising. 

Kevin Doan

Kevin has his undergraduate degree as a sports physiotherapist and his master’s degree in advanced clinical physiotherapy (sports.) He specializes in pain in the hip, pelvis, and groin, as well as tendon and soft tissue injury management. He has been with the clinic since 2020 and has been an integral part of the team.

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Joanne Manning

Joann was a professional dancer before coming to work for the clinic. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy honors class I in 2014. Since she was a dancer in her former life, she specializes in injuries due to dancing and she helps people learn how to avoid injuries while they dance. She is also a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.

Rhianna Tunks

Rhianna got her degree in physiotherapy in 2018 and during those studies she was able to work with dancers. Because of that, she contributed to a paper on the beliefs of how low-back pain affects pre-professional dancers. She specializes in dance injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Tyler Cultum

Tyler received his master’s degree in physiotherapy studies from the University of Queensland. He also has a bachelor’s degree in human kinetics. His expertise is in strength and conditioning, sports injuries, and rehabilitation, working with both adult and youth sports teams. He also specializes in hip, shoulder, and back pain. He also has experience in assessing dizziness and providing treatment for Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo, or BPPV. BPPV is a serious vertigo and dizziness issue that affects many people. 

David Peirce 

David has nearly thirty years of experience in physiotherapy and has worked with human performance in a variety of performing arts and sports. He has worked specifically with rugby teams and dancers. He specializes in helping dancers, musicians, actors, and sports people. He will work collaboratively with others to make sure that patients get the best care that he can offer.

Julie Allen 

Julie has over twenty years of experience and works with sports injuries and chronic neck and back pain. As a cancer survivor, she also has developed the Pentimento Project, a physiotherapy approach to post-cancer treatment rehabilitation. She wants to assist cancer survivors in gaining back an improved quality of life. 

These are some of the people that work for McCallum Physiotherapy Clinic and work to help others improve their quality of life through physiotherapy. With their experience, they can help anyone that needs assistance in pain management and treatment. 

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