PHIX, a Major Texas-based HIE Appoints Innovaccer to Enhance Health Information Exchange

Updated on November 25, 2017

The Paso del Norte Health Information Exchange, PHIX, one of the top health information exchanges in Texas, has selected Innovaccer, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based healthcare platform company, to leverage its technology for data-driven value-based initiatives.

Based out of El Paso, Texas, PHIX is working towards eliminating one of the fundamental issues in healthcare – unreliable and inefficient health information sharing. As a Health Information Exchange, PHIX will provide access to patient’s longitudinal health record from across the care continuum. PHIX’s goal is to improve efficiency, increase quality of care, and improve patient safety. To realize their mission of improving health through collaboration and data technology, PHIX will start by leveraging Innovaccer’s technology for integration of 6 practice sites on 3 different EMRs. PHIX and Innovaccer are also partnering to plan for additional growth next year.

“Innovaccer is a key partner in building our health information exchange. Their technology is enabling us to grow quickly with many different types of partners,” said Emily Hartmann, Executive Director of PHIX. 

Innovaccer’s proprietary platform, Datashop, the Care Intelligence System™ will be delivering Patient 360 records and quality performance reports to PHIX. The performance measures and reports will be utilized by providers to view and analyze performances, majorly on four categories: chronic care, preventive screening, child health, and medication management.

Additionally, PHIX also plans to engage in population health management supported by intelligent predictive modeling and actionable insights. With Datashop, PHIX would be able to stratify population based on their HHS-HCC risk scores, report on several performance measures including MIPS/MACRA, enhance population health with real-time insights, as well as meet set standards like NCQA quality benchmarks.

“Health Information Exchange plays a crucial role in improving healthcare quality, ensuring meaningful use, data security, safety, and better patient outcomes. PHIX has always been an advocate of data-driven ecosystem and their efforts in healthcare has created a great impact,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. “We’re glad to have partnered with PHIX in their journey towards value-based care and we want to make a contribution towards improving lives in the region.”

About PHIX

PHIX is a collaboration of major healthcare partners in the greater El Paso area. The

purpose of the HIE is to share clinical data between healthcare providers to improve

health and medicine.

Major partners include: City of El Paso Department of Public Health, El Paso County Medical Society, El Paso First Health Plans, Paso del Norte Health Foundation, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, The Hospitals of Providence, and University Medical Center of El Paso.

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About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc is a Berkeley, CA-based, healthcare platform company easing care teams’ transition to a value-based future through its Care Intelligence SystemTM. Innovaccer’s aim is to simplify complex data from all points of care, streamline information, enable point-of-care decision-making, and realize strategic value-based goals based on the intelligent insights and predictions from care data. Its proprietary product, Datashop is the Care Intelligence SystemTM for healthcare that enables provider organizations to use data as a source of innovation. It has been deployed across 15 countries at academic institutions, governmental organizations, and several healthcare bastions such as Mercy ACO, Compass Medical, Rochester RHIO, Osler Health Network, PHIX Network, etc.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @innovaccer.

Press Contact

Sachin Saxena

Innovaccer Inc.


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