Pensiamo Team Shares Healthcare Supply Chain Success Story at Supplier Summits

Updated on March 10, 2022

The Pensiamo Team, including Mary Beth Lang, DSc, RPH, EVP for Cognitive Analytics; Joe Walsh, EVP Operations; and Jeromie Atkinson, Sr. Director, Pharmacy Sourcing, recently attended the Spring 2017 IDN Summit in Orlando, FL, as supply chain participants and presenters. Invited to share the UPMC Healthcare Supply Chain Success Story, the trio covered the journey of the UPMC Supply Chain Management from 2005 to the evolution that led to the creation of Pensiamo, the Cognitive Supply Chain Company in 2016 and what lies ahead for the company.

As the pioneering cognitive supply chain company, Pensiamo aims to help healthcare providers and suppliers succeed in an industry rapidly transitioning to value-based patient care.

“The mission of Pensiamo is to deliver sustainable value and competitive advantage to each customer by promoting an innovative, results-oriented culture focused on supply chain performance,” says Mary Beth Lang, DSc, RPH, Executive Vice President for Cognitive Solutions at Pensiamo.

“Our mantra is ‘Healthcare Transformation through Supply Chain Elevation,’” says Joe Walsh, EVP Operations for Pensiamo, “We understand that the healthcare industry is changing and we are here to be a resource for hospitals, health systems, and IDNs that are interested in innovative ways to reduce costs and improve care through supply chain elevation.”

Pensiamo’s services focus on five key areas of supply chain innovation, these include comprehensive category management through Sourcing and Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solutions, Value Analysis, Healthcare Technology Management, and Integrations.

“The supplier summits provide an opportunity to meet with our peers in the industry, who work in Healthcare Supply Chain every day; to tell our story about how we can provide solutions to their most challenging needs,” says Jeromie Atkinson, Sr. Director Pharmacy Sourcing for Pensiamo.

Walsh and Atkinson both joined Pensiamo from Intermountain Health because, as supply chain professionals they know that future success is achievable with innovative solutions and Pensiamo, backed by UPMC, is actively pursuing those solutions.

Pensiamo also attended the SMI Forum, May 3-5 in Naples, FL. SMI is a community comprised exclusively of supply chain thought leaders, where members are empowered to shape the future of the healthcare supply chain. Joe Walsh (new SMI Board member) will be joined by Pensiamo CEO, Jim Szilagy in a panel session at the Spring Forum in Naples, FL.

Then, the company will attend this year’s Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, May 23-25, in Phoenix, AZ, where Chief Supply Chain Officers and their teams learn how to recognize the impacts of disruptions and create transformational strategies that empower their organizations. 

As the Cognitive supply chain company, Pensiamo deploys advanced analytics in each service offering to enhance and optimize decision making to drive supply chain excellence and efficiency. They seek to elevate and extend each healthcare customer’s supply chain to deliver best-in-class value by utilizing market leading technologies, performance metrics, optimized processes and strategic partnerships. The company’s proven methodology and deep healthcare supply chain expertise enable rapid transformation of supply chain organizations regardless of the current state of maturity.

About Pensiamo

The vision that has led to the creation of Pensiamo, an integrated Supply Chain Management organization, evolved from the success of UPMC’s world-class supply chain management and operations. The inspiration for creating Pensiamo was driven by the necessity to deliver incremental value to healthcare providers (e.g., UPMC) beyond the capabilities of traditional GPO and consulting providers. The Pensiamo leadership team includes: Jim Szilagy, President and CEO; Mary Beth Lang, DSc., Executive Vice President for Cognitive Analytics; Patrick Flaherty, Executive Vice President for Strategy and Innovation; and Joe Walsh, Executive Vice President of Operations

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