No Alcohol, No Problems: 8 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking

Updated on August 12, 2020
No Alcohol No Problems 8 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking copy

Almost 90% of the American population has one alcoholic beverage in their adult life. For most people, one alcoholic beverage is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s not uncommon for people to have 3 to 4 drinks in a single sitting. If you struggle with alcoholism like 13% of people, you might be drinking much more.

However much you’re drinking, our team is here to tell you that if you were to quit drinking today, your life would be better. There is no medical consensus on the benefits of alcohol but there is a consensus on the destructive impact that drunkenness can have on one’s life.

Not convinced to cut alcohol out of your diet? Here are 8 compelling reasons why a no alcohol lifestyle is the best way to live.

1. People That Don’t Drink Save a Ton of Money

Have you weighed your beer prices lately? Even getting cheap, off-brand brews easily runs the average person over a dollar a can. Multiply that times a 6-pack and add taxes, and you’ve got an expensive habit.

Think about it… If you’re buying a 6-pack every week and those 6 beers run you $10.00 with taxes, you’d be spending $520.00 per year on drinking. If you were to put that money into a savings account that yields 3% interest instead, you’d have $60,414.00 in 50-years.

2. People Will Start Loving the Real You

Do you feel like the life of the party when you’re drinking? Maybe you find that you get the most attention when you’re drunk which gives you a much-needed confidence boost.

If you’re gaining confidence because people love the drunk version of you, that’s a problem because the drunk version of you isn’t really who you are.

If you want to feel truly fulfilled, live a no alcohol lifestyle, start putting your actual self out there and experience what real love feels like. The feeling will change your life.

3. You’ll Enjoy a Better Complexion

Regular alcohol intake can cause facial redness, acne and facilitate a number of other conditions that will make you look a lot older. If you want to look and feel your best, cutting alcohol out of your diet is a low-hanging way to achieve those ends.

There is a fascinating study abstract that you can read here which tee’s up the conversation surrounding alcohol’s aging effects.

4. Your Relationship Will Improve

Does alcohol come between you and your partner? If you think that it doesn’t, you might not be properly assessing your situation.

Alcohol can mask feelings that you have which could prevent you and your partner from having meaningful conversations. On a physical level, excessive alcohol use is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

5. Your Liver’s Health Will Improve

The body part that suffers the most from alcoholism is your liver. One of your liver’s primary jobs is to detoxify your blood. In the context of drinking, you can think of it as an alcohol filter.

While your liver can do a good job of filtering alcohol for a time, after excessive abuse, your liver will start to deteriorate. Once it deteriorates enough, it will fail and you will die if you can’t find a donor.

If all of that sounds dramatic to you, understand that over 40,000 people die from liver diseases every year.

6. Weight Loss Will Come Easily

Some people don’t attribute alcohol consumption to gaining weight. While certain types of alcohol are low in calories, beer can have a substantial impact on how quickly your body builds fat. Even light beers can be calorie-rich. Because of its alcohol content, beer can also inhibit your body from burning calories which can double its negative impact.

If you’re overweight, consider living a no alcohol lifestyle for just 3-months. The odds of you noticing a drop in weight (so long as you don’t replace alcohol with a separate vice) are substantial.

7. You Can Start Overcoming Your Barriers

Do you drink because it makes you feel good? Why do you think that is?

For most people, it’s because alcohol consumption numbs their problems. When you start living a no alcohol lifestyle, your problems become clearer which can hurt but will also give you the perspective that you need to make impactful changes.

8. Your Risk of Making Huge Mistakes Will Drop Significantly

Roughhousing while under the influence, driving cars drunk or doing any number of other things while drinking could land you in an attorney’s office trying to avoid years in prison.

If you’re already dealing with the repercussions of an alcohol-induced accident, you can read more here about what your legal expectations should be. If you’ve managed to avoid alcohol-related trouble so far, quit while you’re ahead and put the bottle down.

No Alcohol, No Problems

While living a no alcohol life isn’t going to instantly alleviate your problems, it will immediately remove a number of serious issues and give you the clarity that you need to tackle what’s leftover.

Giving up alcohol is a big decision that will be hard for people who have dedicated large portions of their lives to drinking. We think that if you can push yourself to take a break for just 3 months, you’ll immediately notice a number of benefits that will make keeping the bottle away easier than you ever imagined.

Learning about how to optimize your health is the first step to making positive life decisions. If you’d like more information on a number of subjects related to your health, read more of the content right here on our blog.

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