New You Spas and Cosmetic Centers are Revolutionizing the MedSpa Experience in Toronto

Updated on January 6, 2024

In recent years, Medical Spas (or MedSpas) have become extremely popular ventures, offering a combination of high-quality cutting-edge medical aesthetic services and a luxurious day spa atmosphere. With all treatments administered under the supervision of a licensed physician, clients can feel confident that they are receiving both safe and effective improvements to their appearance.

But not all MedSpas are created equal. Oxana Nourse found that in this industry, people were paying for services, rather than results. In setting out to change this, she co-founded New You Cosmetic Centers in the Greater Toronto Area. New You differentiates from its many competitors by guaranteeing results and continuously pursuing cutting-edge services. With eight locations and counting, New You Cosmetic Centers have performed over 1 million procedures to date, including treatments like laser hair removal, lip enhancements, and non-surgical butt lifts.

With Nourse as President of New You Spas, New You is intensely focused on the positive impact that the organization has on so many lives. By building a cohesive team that works together to put clients first, Nourse harnesses the power of collaboration to put New You into a higher caliber of MedSpas. The glowing client reviews speak directly to how her team-focused management style is succeeding in a crowded marketplace.

What You Can Expect at New You Spas in Toronto

From body treatments to facial treatments to cosmetic injectables to enriching aesthetics and more, New You offers more than 40 different procedures for women and men. With a full line of enhancements that improve the appearance of teeth, skin, acne, hair loss, and bodies, clients can turn to New You for all of today’s most popular and desirable services.

Under the supervision of Medical Director and industry expert Dr. Mark Baily, New You has grown into the largest and most successful chain of Medical Spas in Canada. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Bailey has been recognized as one of the most highly respected physicians in North America, revolutionizing the field of injectable toxins (both cosmetic and therapeutic) and facial fillers. Clients can meet with Dr. Baily for free consultations at all eight New You locations in Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga, Woodbridge, and Richmond Hill, ON.

Dr. Baily brings his years of experience and training in Botulinum Toxin for migraines, and cosmetic facial enhancement, to New You and their thousands of clients. He has concurrently worked as a Faculty Member, lecturer, and certified instructor for the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine. Allergan, Galderma, Clarion, and Merz pharmaceuticals have all tapped Dr. Baily for company lectures.

New You Cosmetic Centers are proud to offer their clients a first-class experience from the moment they walk in the door. Every office is beautifully appointed with the goal of exceeding client expectations for comfort and style. Every staff member, from guest service coordinators to registered nurses, is trained to succeed and perform at the highest possible level while always putting clients first.

What sets New You apart from other MedSpas is their reputation for innovation combined with their passion for five-star service. With a goal of seeking to redefine the world of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, New You provides their nurses with training from around the globe to truly push the boundaries of what is possible. Nothing less than 100% client satisfaction is considered acceptable.

In order to truly make clients feel like family, every New You staff member is trained to offer guidance, answer all questions, and truly get to know you on a personal level.

New You Spas President Oxana Nourse

New You Spas President Oxana Nourse is incredibly proud to be a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated world. She finds strength and inspiration in her personal experience as a woman, and how that unique perspective can influence how she runs her business.

“Whenever a male colleague claims I’m being ‘too emotional,’ I take it as a compliment,” she says. “Why? Emotional intelligence gives a distinct leadership edge. Understanding that business is rooted in relationships, is a key to success. And by proactively fostering those relationships, one will also build their business. I can think in a linear, logical, and serial manner and at the same time be creative in my thought patterns, which translates into more engaging strategies.”

Results-driven and organized, Oxana Nourse calls discipline and persistence her keys to growth and development. Before founding New You Cosmetic Centers, Oxana worked for Pepsi-Cola, Best Foods, and Reckitt Benckiser. Each professional experience has helped to shape her skills and knowledge, including her ability to make decisions with speed and conviction; adaptability; boldness; and planning skills.

Oxana received an extensive education throughout Europe before relocating to Canada. “Receiving my Masters in English from Moscow’s State Linguistic University has allowed me to further develop my studies in other parts of Europe, where I won the opportunity over hundreds of others to work on development and product launches at Vienna’s Pepsi-Cola Management Institute, as well as brand planning and market research in the UK. I began building key skills needed for the business path I chose, graduating once again with knowledge in Health Sciences and Spa Management in Canada. As a very driven and curious person, I did not stop building my skills, and took several external courses from well-known instructors that are experts in their fields, such as from Google, and IMU University of Canada.”

Now, Oxana brings her years of experience to her goal of making New You Cosmetic Centers the premier Medical Spa in North America. Through her transformational leadership, she has achieved bottom-line results while elevating the customer experience and simultaneously increasing morale, and improving output.

With a clear vision, well-trained staff, and focus on new technologies as well as client experience, Oxana Nourse and New You Cosmetic Centers are achieving exactly what they set out to do: guarantee results for their clients. 

Thanks to Oxana Nourse and New You Spas, the world is a little more beautiful.

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