Liquid Chlorophyll benefits and risks

Updated on March 30, 2023

Chlorophyll is the substance that provides plants with their distinctive green hue, as you may recall from a middle school biology course. But did you realize that nutritional supplements can also be made from chlorophyll? The most effective techniques to include liquid chlorophyll in your diet are to juice or consume wheatgrass and take liquid chlorophyll supplements.

Chlorophyll can be a reliable supply of plant-based protein when it’s obtained from leafy vegetables or algae like spirulina. Contrarily, liquid chlorophyll behaves somewhat differently. The potential advantages and disadvantages of watery chlorophyll are covered in detail below. Let’s get started!

Benefits of liquid chlorophyll

  • Aids in liver detoxification

It has been demonstrated that chlorophyll improves the liver’s inherent capacity to eliminate debris and pollutants from the body. This process is referred to as detoxification. This detox with liquid chlorophyll was discovered almost thirty years ago in research on human and rodent livers. 

In particular, it was found in this study that chlorophyllin, a copper/sodium derivative of chlorophyll, protects against liver injury and may even prevent liver cancer by enhancing the detoxification process. 

  • Aids in shedding weight

Supplements containing chlorophyll may help people lose weight, according to some data. In one experiment, scientists contrasted the weight reduction of subjects who ingested a green plant extract containing 3,000 milligrams of chlorophyll to subjects who did not. 

After 90 days, they discovered that pill users dropped more weight than those in the control group. According to experts, the extract from green plants also decreases appetite, particularly for sweet meals. 

  • Natural and internal deodorant

According to a few studies, chlorophyll may help reduce bodily odor. In a 2004 research, chlorophyllin was evaluated in individuals with trimethylaminuria (TMAU), a condition in which the body cannot convert trimethylamine. This chemical gives off a powerful fishy odor in the gut, into a distinct chemical that doesn’t scent.

Following treatment with chlorophyllin, patients had greater amounts of odorless chemicals. Chlorophyllin may be “significantly useful in boosting the quality of life of individuals enduring TMAU. 

Risks of Liquid Chlorophyll

The dangers of consuming liquid chlorophyll are negligible. For more than 50 years, it has been used successfully as a nutritional supplement. Some people, however, need to be aware of their consumption.

  • Long-term chlorophyllin supplementation carries a small chance of copper poisoning. There is “certainly a hazard possibility of toxicity” because chlorophyllin typically includes more copper than advised.
  • Consuming supplements with a high chlorophyll or chlorophyllin concentration over an extended period can cause photosensitization, which makes your epidermis more susceptible to sunlight.
  • The side effects of consuming liquid chlorophyll ingested include diarrhea, yellow or black pigmentation of the lips, and green discoloration of the pee or excrement.

Leafy green veggies are colored by a substance called liquid chlorophyll. It’s additionally offered as a vitamin, especially in drinkable form. Liquid chlorophyll might be useful for healing certain skin conditions, avoiding some cancers, and assisting with weight reduction. The effectiveness and safety of watery chlorophyll, however, require further study.

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