Best hospitals for rehabilitation worldwide

Updated on August 26, 2023

Rehabilitation is paramount for patients with injuries, major surgery, neurology, or musculoskeletal disorders. Fortunately, the human body’s reserves are enormous, and it can recover even after severe damage. But it must be helped. Therefore, choosing the right program and trusting professionals who can regain lost skills is essential.

Hospitals in Europe and the USA offer many programs to restore health to adults and children. However, the information available on the Internet on the possibilities of medicine must be more consistent. Therefore, AiroMedical has ranked the best clinics for the return of health based on the doctor’s qualification level, the hospital’s technical capabilities, the correct definition of strategies, and ways to achieve the goals of a particular patient.

Criteria for selecting the best hospitals for rehabilitation

Since one of the main conditions for successful rehabilitation is its early start, you must choose a clinic with special care. The fundamental factors in solving this issue are:

  • Profile. Some clinics are narrowly specialized; others accept patients for recovery after many diseases. Each center provides a range of services to restore lost abilities. But some areas are a priority, and some are secondary. 
  • Cooperation with specialized research institutions, the ability to quickly introduce new techniques into clinical practice.
  • Specialists. The clinic team should have doctors of different profiles: internists, neurologists, pulmonologists, psychiatrists, physical therapy instructors, kinesiotherapists, etc. 
  • Technical base. Rehabilitation involves using specialized medical equipment at the stage of additional examination and during the treatment. Therefore, the selected hospital should have everything you need.
  • The relevance of treatment methods. For the most effectiveness, the rehabilitation program is chosen individually. The more techniques are offered in the clinic, the better – this allows a unique recovery program for the patient.

Top hospitals for rehabilitation in the United States 

The list of hospitals in the US includes:

Benefits of medical treatment in the US

Patients’ feedback on treatment in the US is reduced to the procedures’ effectiveness, the caring attitude, and the availability of the most modern tactics. The advantages of hospitals in the US include the following:

  • Control and regulation of healthcare at the legislative level.
  • Experimental therapeutic programs.
  • Management by highly specialized doctors (each professional focuses on the problem of his profile, achieving optimal results).

Top hospitals for rehabilitation in Europe

The list of hospitals in Europe, most popular among patients:

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe

The main advantages of treatment in Europe include the following: 

  • Interdisciplinary approach and coordination of actions of all specialists involved in the rehabilitation.
  • All necessary technical means and techniques are used, including robotic rehabilitation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and classes on unique simulators.
  • Psychological contact with the patient and the ability to create and maintain the necessary motivation in the patient.

Recovery usually takes place in several stages. The load gradually increases, which allows the patient to develop constantly, restoring health, mobility, speech, ability to work, and self-care.

Top hospitals for rehabilitation in Poland

List of hospitals in Poland, the most successful in rehabilitation:

Benefits of medical treatment in Poland

Every patient choosing treatment in Poland can be sure of receiving first-class service:

  • Comprehensive recovery of all lost functions. 
  • High level of safety of rehabilitation actions. 
  • Modern techniques and thorough professional control over the restoration of functions.

Top hospitals for rehabilitation in Italy 

There are such rehabilitation centers as:

Benefits of medical treatment in Italy 

To increase rehabilitation effectiveness, Italian doctors actively use the natural factor. Relaxing physiotherapy, and local stimulating techniques, which include the use of the unique riches of Italian nature, have a powerful effect and accelerate the process of restoring impaired body functions: 

  • Multidisciplinary approach: each patient is dealt with by a team of experts in various fields of medicine.
  • Advanced methods and equipment.
  • Personalized program.

Top hospitals for rehabilitation in Germany

The list of hospitals includes about 700 sanatorium-resort and clinics that receive patients for rehabilitation. Among the best:

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

Rehabilitation in Germany is at a high level and is aimed at restoring the integrity of physical and mental abilities:

  • Rehabilitation centers are based on large clinics, which provide a comprehensive approach to treating the patient.
  • Modern technologies for monitoring and diagnosing the patient’s condition.
  • Advanced developments in the field of rehabilitation.

Best rehabilitation doctors worldwide

Rehabilitation doctors are focused on modern methods of rehabilitation, which demonstrate great effectiveness. World famous of them:

Best treatment solutions for rehabilitation

A team of doctors of various profiles selects rehabilitation therapy. Then, as a result of the consultation, may be prescribed:

  • PRP therapy. The patient injects with platelet–rich blood plasma – which stimulates tissue repair in the damaged area in 84% of cases. 
  • Snoezelen therapy (controlled multisensory environment). Rehabilitation techniques aimed at the treatment of cerebral palsy and other mental disorders.  
  • Kinesitherapy. A technique aimed at updating and preserving the functional state of the body’s systems through physical exercises with the correct calculation of their intensity and duration. Successfully used in 95%
  • Tekar-therapy. A high-frequency current is resorted to, penetrating the tissues and stimulating their regeneration in 30-50% of cases.

Also, high-tech equipment is used in rehabilitation hospitals, which helps restore the body’s functions quickly in 80% of cases. These include: 

  • Exoskeletons HAL. Robotic technology for restoring walking skills. It is a bionic exoskeleton that allows the patient to walk, stand and climb stairs.
  • Anti-Gravity Treadmill. It is used for early rehabilitation of patients who have suffered severe fractures and joint replacement; it makes it possible to reduce the load on the spine and joints.
  • ArmTutor interactive system – helps to restore the hand’s functions after stroke and many other diseases. It is based on the use of a particular computer program, as well as an interactive glove.
  • The Armeo device is aimed at restoring the functions of the upper limbs. The stimulation of the hands is carried out through the effect on the central nervous system.

How to get treatment in the best hospitals for rehabilitation

After diagnosis, a person is often lost in vast information about the disease and where and how it can be effectively cured. AiroMedical has extensive experience in the treatment organization and will help you quickly and, most importantly, competently choose an individual and maximally balanced rehabilitation program.

Our specialty is severe and complex medical cases. We keep our hands on the pulse and learn about new scientific methods before they are introduced into comprehensive clinical practice. Among the many rehabilitation hospitals, we will select the best one that meets all your needs.


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