Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ringing in Ears

Updated on September 18, 2020

Ringing or clicking in ears, what is known as ‘tinnitus’ in medical terms, is undoubtedly a condition no one would ever want to find themselves in. Characterized by a constant sound being perceived inside the ear, even when none of it is actually present, tinnitus can either be felt in one ear or both. This condition is experienced by many people regardless of their age group and can be very tormenting if it is severe.

It is pertinent to note that tinnitus is not a disease rather an alarming symptom. If you have a constant ringing in your ears, you must take this as something wrong in your auditory channel and get yourself treated. As mentioned in this article on, there can be a number of reasons behind tinnitus, it is almost impossible to have a definite cure for it. 

In any case of tinnitus, whether severe or normal, resorting to natural relief methods is the most efficient step to get relief. If you are someone who often experiences ringing in ears, this article is definitely going to make your life easier. Read below to know more:

Relieving Tinnitus Naturally

Ringing in ears can sometimes get annoying to an unimaginable extent. The person experiencing it may become unable to work, eat, or even sleep. Here are some lifestyle changes and other natural remedies you can try out to treat your tinnitus without having to use any heavy medication dose.

1. Do light exercise regularly

Even the most minute levels of ringing in your ears can take up the worst form if you are suffering emotionally, going through a trauma, have anxiety, or are stressed out because of something. A regular but light exercise is a great solution for someone who suffers through ringing in ears and also gets stressed out and anxious easily. Because it has the ability to freshen you up and reduce stress, regular exercise can help reduce your chances of getting severe tinnitus.

2. Remove your ear wax

Ringing in the ear can sometimes be aggravated if you have a lot of wax stuck up in your ear. It is advisable to use a soft cloth wrapped on your finger or a Q-tip to gently remove your ear wax. Try doing it right after taking a bath because more wax gets removed that way. There is a solid chance of relief from ringing once you clean your ears yourself.  

3. Use a hearing device if you experience difficulty in hearing

Most of the tinnitus or ear buzzing affected cases have a notable hearing problem. When you cannot hear the sound from your surroundings properly, your brain works to perceive the inside ringing even louder. If you experience the same then the best thing for you is to invest in a high-quality hearing device. Your ringing sensation will alleviate once you start hearing the outside real sounds clearly. Another natural method you can opt for is sonus complete tinnitus by Gregory Peters. Sonus Complete by Gregory Peters is a potent supplement for ringing in ears that taps into the potential of natural ingredients for reducing tinnitus.

4. Protect your ears against loud noises

The tinnitus ringing is also sometimes aggravated because of the extremely loud noises you hear on a regular basis. Try wearing noise cancellation headphones or other protective devices when going out during the heavy traffic hours, on public places, parties, or when you have some construction work going around you. 

5. Meditate

Meditation can relieve your stress and anxiety to a great level and consequently works to bring you relief from those severe ringing sensations that otherwise irritate you on a regular basis and are further intensified on stressful days.

6. Get Sound therapy

As stated above, you are less likely to get irritated by the ringing sensation when your auditory system has outside sounds to focus on.  You can create your own playlist with soothing sounds and gentle music numbers to listen to when alone or in quieter surroundings. Doing so will automatically shift your focus from that constant buzzing to something soothing and relaxing, thus bringing you relief.

7. Try out the mindfulness stress reduction therapy 

A typical mindfulness based therapy for stress reduction teaches people to shift their focus from pain to something useful. Anyone can learn the trick easily and try it out to shift their focus from ringing sensation and bringing it to something worth focusing.

8. Seek help from online apps

There are a number of iPhone app stores and google play store apps meant at helping people relax with the help of soothing natural sounds like leaves rustling, waves crashing, and winds gusting. You can download these apps and can try out any music you find soothing to reduce your stress levels and to shift your focus.

9. Take a salt bath

Spending a considerably long time in a bathtub with lukewarm water and added salt has been proved as a means to relieve stress and anxiety. For anyone suffering through a ringing ear, doing so can help relieve the sensation to some extent.

10. Aroma therapy

Aroma therapy is said to have the cure for every pain. Try spending some time with lightly scented candles and a scent diffuser beside you. However, make sure not to expose yourself to an allergically strong smell as it can aggravate your tinnitus instead.   

Other than these, there are a number of remedies shared by different sources that are supposed to help calm down someone going through the ringing issue in ears. However, it cannot be said for sure if all the treatments and remedies work equally for everyone. Some people suggest using some specific food items to help reduce the pain whereas others advise avoiding consuming alcohol and staying too much in the Air conditioned rooms. Many people have reported a sudden relief in their ears after getting their acupuncture done and eating a combination of stress managing medicines.


All in all, it can be said that, even when there are a lot of preventive steps to rely on,  seeking proper medical advice from an expert medical practitioner is the only thing that can bring your relief at the end. It is better to visit your doctor as soon as you start feeling like your tinnitus is getting out of hands before it’s too late.

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