Knowing The Good and the Bad About Scalp Micropigmentation

Updated on June 6, 2020

Although scalp micropigmentation is not in the common knowledge and interest of the majority, for people suffering from hair loss, the procedure is one of their best solutions to address the problem. Scalp micropigmentation is a beauty treatment that promises hair restoration, albeit only aesthetically. Of course, like other aesthetic treatments, scalp micropigmentation has its pros and cons but in this case, the number of advantages often outnumbers the disadvantages’. So, is the procedure good or bad? Read on to decide.  

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a contemporary and innovative treatment for hair loss. Using a machine with a small needle, the procedure does the job by implanting tiny pigmented dots under the skin’s outer barrier. It is non-invasive, nonetheless, and a few days after the treatment, the dots are expected to be leaving indelible marks that will resemble an underlying shading or a freshly shaved buzz cut. 

As mentioned, although scalp micropigmentation is a good hair restoration treatment, it comes with advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it will be best if you carefully take each of them into consideration in deciding for your hair loss problem. 

When it comes to advantages, there are a lot but these four are the ones that make the procedure totally worth a try:

  • The effects can last long. The scalp micropigmentation procedure can be done in only a matter of hours but it is awesome how the effects can be seen up to so many years provided that proper post care is given. Eventually, though, minor touch-ups may be needed to restore its freshly-shaven look but it should not cost you big to have one. The key to enjoying its optimum durability is to diligently comply with the recommended aftercare. 
  • SMP is a non-invasive procedure. One of the best things about the scalp micropigmentation procedure is how no break in the skin is made. It is non-invasive, hence does not need any downtime unlike in typical invasive operations. This pro is so important as it defines how soon patients can go back to their daily routines after the procedure without affecting its aesthetic result. 

Most procedures will entail a series of visits with the first as the main one and the second and the third covering necessary touch-ups. These visits are often on a monthly basis but in each visit, there is a fast healing time and less to zero infection risk – even less risky than other hair loss solutions. 

  • The procedure is affordable for its durability. Unlike other hair restoration solutions, scalp micropigmentation is highly reliable but surprisingly affordable. The effects are long-lasting and you get to enjoy them by paying as low as $3,000 compared to hair transplant procedures that can cost you a whopping $10,000 at the least. The SMP procedure should be your first-to-try-on solution to look and feel good without breaking your budget. 
  • It can relieve your emotional distress. Millions of men used to be suffering from emotional distress caused by thinning hair or baldness. The condition had dropped their self-confidence, affecting how they lived their lives until scalp micropigmentation got introduced in the industry. It is an affordable hair loss solution that works and lasts long and the best thing is, it is accessible. It will only take a few hours to regain that confidence and self-esteem. 

Scalp micropigmentation is a great permanent solution that has proven to withstand time and trends for all types of hair loss. Minor touch-ups are all it needs through time. And if it is being performed by a truly reliable, skilled, and knowledgeable professional specialist from a reputable clinic, then durability and good quality of results are guaranteed. 

However, there are a few disadvantages you should be willing to deal with just in case. For instance, if your concern is if the output will feel like hair, then unfortunately there is nothing to look forward to. The scalp micropigmentation procedure aces at creating that aesthetic hair illusion and the result will definitely look great on its patients but since it is almost the same as a tattoo engraved deeply on to the scalp, it will not feel like hair once you touch it. If you aim to restore your actual hair, you should go instead for PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy or FUE hair transplants; SMP is most likely not the one for you. 

Another downside, or more like a risk, is if the technicians or scalp micropigmentation specialists really have the skill and capacity to do the job right. SMP is a procedure that will leave a change in your look within hours and the specialists will play a role in determining whether that look is for the worse or for the better. That is why it pays to do your research first before choosing a scalp micropigmentation clinic to entrust the life-changing job. 

Lastly, although SMP is durable and long-lasting, as mentioned above, they will require a series of touch-ups over time to keep that intense pigment. During the procedure, your technician will be the one to administer the replicated follicles at your upper skin level. This part is done to ensure the stability of each follicle’s shape. It is important that every pigment is implanted into enough skin depth to reduce the likelihood of blurs and follicles meshing together. However, no matter how perfected this part is, the pigments will still most likely fade in a matter of four to five years. That is when another touch-up is needed. 

The Output of Scalp Micropigmentation

The aim of SMP procedure is to leave a freshly-shaven look where fake hair follicles are drawn. Hence, it is not advisable to blend the procedure in areas with longer hair. That is to say that the best candidates for the treatment are those suffering from baldness. 

So, if you are wondering if scalp micropigmentation is worth trying? The answer is yes if you want a quick hair loss solution that works. The only maintenance you will need to comply is the series of post touch-ups. Reviews online will show how the procedure has become a lot of men’s answered prayer. 

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