Modern technology in the casinos online

Modern technology tightly enters not only in our lives but also in everyday entertainment. For example, popular online casinos and land-based gambling clubs, from time to time apply innovations in their work to improve the quality of the service for their players.

Angel’s Eye

Fans of baccarat probably heard of such a cheating technique as exchange cards between boxes. This “game of aristocrats” is popular in many countries. In most gambling establishments, visitors are allowed to touch the cards and turn them over with their own hands. Club operators often encounter fraudsters using illegal tricks.

Especially for the fight against cheaters in baccarat and other similar games, a system called Angel’s Eye was developed. Here’s how this technic works:

  • a barcode is applied to the card in colorless ink;
  • the dealer’s shuffle machine is equipped with a scanner;
  • at the time when the dealer deals cards from the shoe, the sensor reads the codes;
  • the information received is sent to the computer;
  • Angel’s Eye keeps track of all dealt cards.

If cards are detected at other positions, a signal is sent to the security service console. Employees study recordings from CCTV cameras and find out the cause of what happened.

The same method is effective for use in blackjack with several decks that are laid in the shoe. It helps to correct the dealer’s mistakes and fights with various fraudsters.

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TableEye21 – System for Live casinos online

This computer program combines several technologies at once and used in Live advanced casinos online. This is a whole set of tools. Here’s how the system works:

  • continuous shooting of the entire game process taking place at the table;
  • The analysis of information received from CCTV cameras is carried out;
  • special attention is paid to the movement of tokens with an RFID chip;
  • Complete statistics are being collected on the table: visitors’ results, dealer’s actions, etc.

An integrated approach helps to solve several problems at once. Potential card counters are identified and collaboration attempts between players and croupiers are prevented.

NORA system

This abbreviation stands for Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness. This is an extensive database, which contains all the information related to the casino workers. These include:

  • Dealers, managers, and other staff members;
  • Fraudsters who have already been caught;
  • Card counters;
  • Dubious visitors;
  • Former employees of security services of online gambling establishments.

In general, this list includes all persons who are somehow connected by the gambling industry. But this is not just a repository of information. The system automatically monitors all the relationships that arise between the listed people. So, you can calculate and reveal different scams in a matter of seconds. For example, it becomes known that a croupier studied at the same faculty with one of the visitors. Suddenly it turns out that luck smiled at this client and he hit the jackpot. Such information is certainly of interest to the casino operator.

If you are interested in the modern technologies of online gambling, you can visit the Bgaoc website for more information related to online casinos and their operation.

Using the latest technology does not solve all the problems that appear in casinos online. Anyway, the owners of gambling clubs need to carefully approach the selection of personnel. But modern developments greatly facilitate the work of security services, speed up and improve the process of detecting cheaters and card counters. The symbiosis of human and machine activities, in the end, gives excellent results.

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