Michigan Implements Nation’s First Cloud-based MMIS

Updated on October 9, 2022

In the Medicaid space, you hear a lot about the trifecta of service: “Better care. Better health. Lower costs.” This has become the new mantra for all those who provide care to the nearly 70 million Americans receiving these benefits. But really, what does it mean?

To the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, it means developing innovative technology that provides efficient information sharing, allows for real-time resources, and saves taxpayer money. Enter the first-ever cloud-based Medicaid Management Information System.

The Michigan DHHS has worked with the State of Illinois, the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget(DTMB), and CNSI to recently launch the second phase of the nation’s first completely automated, real-time, and cloud-enabled system. Important stakeholders like Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and DTBM Director, David Behen are in agreement that this revolutionary platform enables both states to provide more effective and efficient care to its residents while sharing costs, which puts everyone one step closer to that trifecta—better care, better health, lower costs.

“It’s important for Michigan to look for more and better ways to take advantage of technology to improve services for our residents,” Governor Snyder said in a press release. “This is an innovative approach, allowing us to more efficiently share information and resources in real-time, helping residents get the healthcare they need.”

For CNSI, it’s not just about developing innovative technology that serves as a model for MMIS best practices; it’s also about being a part of a program that positively impacts the health and well-being of the approximately 5.4 million Medicaid-eligible residents in the two states. We are honored to be a part of the partnership that is reinventing how Medicaid is managed for Michigan, Illinois, and other future states.

How do you think your state could benefit from having a cloud-enabled MMIS system? Stop by Twitter and tell us what you think. Find us at @CNSICorp.

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