Michael Everest Demarco Helps Aspiring Actors To Hit Their Mark

Updated on August 16, 2021

New Orleans native Michael Everest Demarco is no stranger to the pitfalls of being a new actor. What may seem like a glamorous career choice involves a lot of behind-the-scenes worries, particularly financial ones. Demarco has been open about his early struggles to reach financial stability, and now he is determined to lend a helping hand to the next generation of actors.

Michael Everest Demarco Demarco devotes some of his time to coaching new actors into making smart financial moves from the very start of their careers. He has also teamed up with a Louisiana bank that offers numerous initiatives to performing artists. This philanthropic partnership is helping to remove financial barriers from talented artists trying to pursue their dreams.

A Costly Career

While an acting career might seem to lead to glamor and success, this is not always the case, especially not in the beginning. Many actors struggle to make a living in their chosen profession. This is because acting comes with a lot of hidden costs that many do not consider.


Finding and securing auditions is often exhausting and time-consuming – almost a full-time job in itself! There may be hours of communication and prep work involved before an actor is even seen. 

The majority of auditions for the most desired roles are held in major cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and so on. Unless you already live in one of these metro areas, you will have to consider the time it takes to get to the audition, where you will stay, and how to pay for it all. That is a lot to learn besides just the lines! 


Receiving a callback for a part is great, but it can also mean more financial worry. Can you afford to stay on-site and wait to hear back about the part? Or is it cheaper to travel home and then return to the callback location? This is a stressful yet common conundrum actors face.

Your Health And Your Wealth

If you’re talented, hardworking, and a little lucky, acting can pay off in a big way. However, like any demanding job, it can also take a physical and mental toll. Acting is a job that does not come with a health benefits package, so actors need to seek health coverage on their own.

Will your acting bring in enough money to cover you and your family’s health expenses? These are just some of the concerns that Demarco hopes to address with his philanthropic venture. Meeting with a financial advisor who understands the industry and who can offer financing opportunities is a great help. 

An Education

No matter your experience level, acting is a continual process of learning. Whether your primary interest is in theater, television, film, or voice work, you will need specific training to achieve success in any of these areas. Paying for an acting coach or class is a necessary expense you will have to keep in mind as a professional actor.

Getting Started In Acting

Setting Goals 

If you’re thinking of getting into acting, the first thing you’ll want to do is set some goals. You need to decide what kind of acting you want to concentrate on, what type of training you will need, how much you plan to earn, and your total expenses, to name a few considerations. The answers will vary depending on where you live, your current experience level, and your budget.

On Your Own

If you’re looking to get into acting on your own, social media is a great place to start. You will find plenty of audition notices, announcements about training opportunities, and support groups of fellow actors willing to share their experiences.

You can start by training yourself. List actors that you admire and watch their work. Read books on acting and watch videos. Study your face in the mirror to see what range of expressions you have. Record your voice to learn its strengths and weaknesses. Read scripts and prepare two or three audition pieces that reflect your talent as well as the type of work you wish to do.


If you feel ready to seek an agent’s representation, start looking at agency websites. Be sure to read their guidelines for auditioning and submitting materials carefully. Each agency has its own set of expectations, and many receive hundreds of actor submissions each month. Because of the high volume of actors seeking an agent, even a small mistake can hurt your chances of landing representation. 


Launching an acting career may be difficult, but not impossible. By making a financial plan and staying realistic about your budget, goals, and expectations, you stand a much better chance of long-term commercial and financial success. In particular, having solid financial backing from a source that understands the acting industry will enable you to concentrate on becoming the best actor you can be.

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