The Latest Information You want: 4 Best-Selling Vibrators For Women on Sohimi

Updated on August 17, 2021

In the market of female sex toys, vibrators have always been popular among women, not only because of the variety and power of the practical functions of vibrators to meet the pursuit of orgasmic pleasure for female masturbation but also because of the small and beautiful appearance of vibrators rituals make women fall in love with it at once. The following is my analysis of the sohimi 5 best-selling vibrators based on objective and real information.

Rose Queen Clitoral Suck and G-spot Vibrator

The petite and delicate rose appearance instantly attracts women’s attention. The upper part of the rose head design conceals a retractable sucking mode that is a great assistant for foreplay stimulation when women masturbate. The lower part of the flower stem vibrator is a 360-degree rotating intense vibration mode that conquers the orgasmic nerve pleasure of women’s vaginal G-spot, A-spot, and P-spot. The most noteworthy super advantage of 0 noise beats many female toys on the market. Liquid silicone material provides a 100% waterproof effect. The Rose Queen of the water world shows endless sensuality and tenderness to win the favor of women.


Pros: Sensory enjoyment 5 sucking modes, 10 vibration modes to enhance the stimulating experience of female orgasm

       0 noise mode use provides a safer and more relaxing atmosphere for women

       100% waterproof provides women with the enjoyment of sexual pleasure in the water world

Cons: It weighs 150 pieces. Although the size of 1.8*1.8*8.3inch is very small, the storage space is a bit cramped if you want to put it in a Gucci mini handbag with your phone.

Price: $37.99

Double-headed Rabbit Vibrator

A unique rabbit vibrator, the rabbit vibrator mimics the most authentic American male penis, lifelike balls, rough veins, pronounced cock, and the lovely purple color adds to the beauty of the vibrator. It has a total length of 9 inches, which is enough to satisfy the filling sensation of the female vagina. Two cute bunny ears clip on either side of the clitoris, and the back and forth vibrating stimulation pattern touches multiple nerves of pleasure on the clitoris.


Pros. Mimics the size, pattern, and shape of a fake real dildo, with a strong sense of substitution.

Cons: If you’re looking for a woman with a 10″ dildo, that’s still a bit short.

Price: $35.99

Smart Vibrating Egg With APP Control

Perfect for women and partner interaction vibrator, a creative and exciting sex toy. When your husband is away on a business trip, you can invite him to use it remotely with you using the mobile app vibrator to control it. It has 9 manual massage modes, from gentle to powerful, slow to fast. From simple frequency to hard mode, let your pelvic muscles get used to the intensity of the exercise. The mobile remote control offers 6 modes – sound mode, music mode, video mode, touch mode, remote control mode, etc. The app-controlled vibrator has a total length of 7 inches and weighs only 50 grams, small enough to fit right in the pocket of your jeans. Imagine that your partner is remotely controlling your sensitive parts while you walk around the room. All you have to do is tell your couple what you want, it’s just a sexy and exciting way to play, come on!


Pros. Looks like a tadpole, super cute.

     The lightest mini vibrator, most portable.

     You can invite your partner to control and use it remotely, 6 modes of stimulating games, most interactive!

Cons: Only stimulates the female vagina, can’t stimulate the clitoris, and thus achieve orgasm.

Thrusting Vibrator

The most temperature push-in vibrator. The most unique feature of this erotic product is the silicone material. The silicone quickly warms up to your body temperature and blends with the hot temperature inside your vagina, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride, and experience orgasm after orgasm! The spiral shape is designed to vibrate and stimulate to fill the confines of your vagina, giving you a quick sense of vaginal wetness.


Pros. It only takes 3 minutes for the vibrating head to reach 42 degrees Celsius.

    Vaginal and clitoral head vibration patterns can be intensified simultaneously.

    The penetrating head and clitoral stimulator mimic the design of the human index finger and thumb, and the realistic and powerful finger fuck provides amazing orgasms.

Cons: If you’re just looking for a sex toy that stimulates your clitoris and vagina, buying this will be more expensive. If you don’t need the heating feature of the vibrator to match the temperature of your vagina, it’s a better deal to buy the sohimi double-ended rabbit vibrator.

Price: $49.99

Choose the Vibrator That’s Right for You

These 4 types of vibrators are very representative, including rose vibrator, thrust vibrator, rabbit vibrator, app vibrator. Whether you want to satisfy clitoral or vaginal pleasure alone or both. Whether you want manual control or mobile app control. Whether you want to masturbate alone or enjoy sex with your partner, the above vibrators can meet your needs.

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