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Updated on July 14, 2021

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There are some certainties in life, and for a woman, one such is that they will succumb to menopause. This phase in life is one of the notable changes and can be problematic for many. A natural biological change, we will explain what menopause is all about and talk about menopause treatment in and around Houston. We’ll be looking at the symptom of menopause and its effect on the patient and talk about what can be done about it. Let’s begin by explaining menopause and why it is a simple fact of life.

The Menopause Explained

The menopause begins at the point where a woman stops having her regular period. This is a natural part of aging and results in hormonal changes that can have notable effects. Generally, a woman will go through these changes between 45 and 55, but it can occur at a younger age in a small percentage of women. 

The hormones in the body take messages to our organs and nervous system. As we age, both men and women undergo a reduction in hormone production. For women, this means less estrogen – the female hormone – being produced and therefore changes to the way the body responds. The following is a list of reported symptoms or effects of menopause, with one or more manifesting in individual cases:

  • Loss of libido and less sexual satisfaction
  • Muscle mass deterioration
  • Notable joint stiffness and sore muscles
  • Find exercising tiring
  • Can begin to forget things
  • Depression may be a factor
  • Increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis and more fragile bones
  • Increased tiredness and tendency to be irritable
  • Decreased enjoyment of life
  • A general feeling of poor wellbeing

It’s clear from the above that this hormonal change can present problems for the patient. It can strain a relationship, and the fact that it can cause depression means it needs to be treated. The usual method of treatment is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However, we are looking at a more up-to-date method called Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT. What are bioidentical hormones, and what is the benefit of this method? 

What are Bioidentical Hormones? 

Women in and around Woodlands may have read about bioidentical hormones and want to know more, so let us explain. When you undergo HRT, the missing estrogen is replaced by one of several methods. It can be an injection; it can be a patch worn on the body or oral pills, or by a pellet or implant inserted under the skin that gradually secretes the hormone. Where does the medical industry get the hormone from? For HRT, it is usually created synthetically from estrogen extracted from the urine of a pregnant horse. This is entirely safe bar the usual possible side effects – more about those shortly – and it has been used for many decades successfully. 

Bioidentical hormones are a relatively new addition to the medical world. This form of synthetic estrogen is thought by many in the industry to be safer. It is entirely plant-based, and as such, appeals to those who do not want animal by-products as medicine. BHRT is now used widely and is becoming a popular choice as restoring the hormone is the same. 

It is recognized within medical circles that the safest and most efficient method of BHRT involves the pellet implants under the skin. Despite the sound of the process, it is surprisingly simple and can be done quickly, and the implants last for several months. Let’s have a look at the benefits a woman can expect from BHRT.1WHC2Gp1HtQHpw9VMZIg22yDLF4 TtAW6EtNKQT 1aKG34znLKP4UqCZON45jK9sIgJ4ExlEVSiwSv NN04BuXW8630aEcfjVCLgNO8kfM paH9evkS5v8Y gwk0ArKyI8EoXZoS WV5 CcVA

Benefits of BHRT Treatment

A woman who chooses to undergo a BHRT course in or around Kingwood should expect to benefit as follows:

  • Better sexual performance and return of the libido
  • Less vaginal dryness
  • Satisfaction from sex restored
  • Revived energy levels and improved stamina 
  • Memory, focus, and concentration enhanced 
  • Restored bone density and muscle strength

It should be noted that a doctor will recommend BHRT treatment for hormone deficiency following a full consultation. This method may not necessarily be appropriate for some women who might be recommended an alternative form of therapy. 

We need to consider the risks present with the BHRT and the HRT methods, so let’s move on to that subject.

Are There Risks with BHRT Treatment? 

Any procedure that involves introducing substances into the body to enact change comes with a modicum of risk. The following are known side-effects of the BHRT procedure:

  • Acne
  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Facial hair growth

The above side-effects are unpleasant or embarrassing but are hardly dangerous. However, should you notice any of these side effects, you are strongly advised to seek medical attention to arrange treatment.

In rare cases, there have been proven links between HRT or BHRT and the following:

  • Blood clot
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Heart disease
  • Breast cancer

Suppose you are considering undergoing a BHRT routine. In that case, you must consult with a medical professional as they will assess the risk involved in your case and advise as to the most appropriate treatment method. 

Now we understand what BHRT is all about and how it can be successful in treating the effects of menopause; all that’s left is for us to arrive at our conclusion.


We also know what causes menopause, its impact on a woman’s life, and how best to treat it in individual cases. 

Is BHRT the right way forward for you? If you consult with your doctor, they will assess based on various factors to do with you and your general health, so make an appointment now and see if BHRT is the answer to your problems. 

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