Menopause and Its 3 Major Effects on a Woman’s Body


All women face that stage in life where their periods just stop completely after some age. You can call this biological term menopause which some women welcome happily. While some women have to deal with a lot of side effects and issues dealing with it. 

Besides the fact that the menstrual cycle has stopped, this phase also causes different effects on a woman’s body. As we all know that menstrual cycle occurs due to the ovulation process, the ovaries play an essential role. As the female body grows older, the ovaries cannot function properly, due to which there can be irregular periods. Also, this decline in ovarian features will then ultimately lead to the complete absence of periods. 


Let’s discuss this topic in further detail with its effects on the human body in this article:

Effects of menopause:

It should be noted that if you’ve regularly missed your periods for a whole year or 12 cycles, then you can say that you’ve experienced menopause. There occurs various effects of this biological circle on women. Let’s discuss a few of them mentioned below:

1) Menopause and the fluctuating mood swings:

When the ovaries decline to function properly and the ovulation stops, it causes a drop in estrogen hormone in the female body. Hence, it will cause various effects which we can link with emotions and mood swings too. In addition, the drop in hormone estrogen can cause various emotional changings such as:

●  Anxiety

●  Tiredness

●  Tension

●  Bad mood

●  Sadness

●  Anger

●  Depression

A woman can control this emotional roller coaster of mood swings in the following ways:

●  Exercise regularly

●  A healthy way of eating

●  Also, practice meditation or yoga

●  Avoid drinking alcohol or drugs

●  Moreover, communicate with friends and family

2) Mild or intense hot flashes:

Some women face hot flashes in different parts of their body such as in the neck, face, or chest areas at the time of menopause. Along with this, the temperature of the body suddenly increases which cause redness on body parts. Sometimes a person starts sweating in this quite disturbing situation. 

Apart from this, the following are some other important things about hot flashes in women:

●  These flashes can increase the heartbeat suddenly

●  In addition, they cause anxiety

●  Also, they can last for 5 minutes in some women

●  They also cause disturbance while sleeping

●  Smoking is one of the main reasons in women facing these hit flashes

3) Weight gain in menopause: 

It has been seen that some women gain weight after hormonal changes leading to menopause at a specific age between 40-50. In addition, they start getting fat muscles around their abdomen, hips and thighs.

Weight gain occurs after menopause if you don’t exercise regularly or don’t eat healthy food. A woman should also have proper sleep to not gain weight. 

Menopause weight gain can cause some risky health factors in women such as:

●  Respiratory difficulties

●  Cardiovascular diseases

●  Blood vessel problems

●  Type 2 diabetes

●  Cancer risks increase

Concluding words:

In this article, we have discussed three main side effects of menopause which you can see in women. We should not just ignore these effects on the body, and the women should go visit a doctor. In addition, they can also cause various risk factors which further lead to complications. 

So, take care of yourself if you’re facing such hormonal changes, and have a healthy diet with regular exercise to live a healthy life.

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