Massachusetts Health Plans Select CAQH Solution to Increase Provider Directory Accuracy

Updated on September 15, 2018

HealthCare Administrative Solutions (HCAS), a non- profit organization of Massachusetts based health plans, has selected DirectAssure®, a CAQH Solution®, to improve the quality and timeliness of healthcare provider directories for its member health plans that operate throughout New England.

HCAS conducted an extensive review to determine the best partner to help them achieve more accurate provider directories for its health plans, without creating an undue burden on healthcare providers as they submit and update their information.

The DirectAssure solution works in concert with CAQH ProView®, an on-line database already used by most providers to input their professional and practice information one time, then share it with participating health plans. DirectAssure functions within that current workflow, asking providers to compare and verify practice location information within health plan records, confirm whether they accept specific insurance plans and if they are accepting new patients.

“CAQH offers an existing solution that minimizes the administrative burden of provider data collection and already has unmatched provider engagement in New England,” says Lori Burgiel, Executive Director, HCAS. “HCAS participating health plans will have a business solution for providers to share directory information changes with multiple HCAS health plans once the solution is fully implemented.”

The CAQH directory maintenance process has been broadly adopted by the provider community. More than 1.4 million providers nationwide regularly review and attest to the accuracy of the data within their CAQH ProView profiles.

“CAQH is excited about the opportunity to expand our partnership with HCAS,” said Robin Thomashauer, President, CAQH. “We are dedicated to helping health plans and providers significantly improve their provider directory accuracy, and have a proven track record of being able to do so.”

Over the coming months, HCAS member health plans and CAQH will work with the local provider community to increase awareness of the solution and the data sharing opportunities it offers.

About HCAS

HealthCare Administrative Solutions, Inc. (HCAS) is a non-profit entity founded by Massachusetts based health plans that operate throughout New England and collaborate on administrative simplification initiatives. Visit


About CAQH

CAQH, a non-profit alliance, is the leader in creating shared initiatives to streamline the business of healthcare. Through collaboration and innovation, CAQH accelerates the transformation of business processes, delivering value to providers, patients and health plans. Visit and follow us on Twitter: @caqh.

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