Magical Orlando Experiences Outside of Disney World®

Updated on April 8, 2023

When people think of Orlando, they often think of Disney World®—but there’s so much more to explore! 

From golfing like a pro to biking through scenic trails, you won’t have to search too hard for magical experiences outside the theme parks. 

Try to keep yourself safe through your adventures, but if you have a golf club tooth accident or biking mishap, you may be able to seek care quickly to avoid ruining your fun. With walk-in clinics and a dentist, Orlando-based options can help you find a local provider who can patch you up. 

Keep reading to learn more about the unique adventures that await you in Orlando aside from Disney World®:

Get the Pro Golf Experience 

Golfers, listen up! Whether an amateur or an experienced golfer, you will love golfing like the pros at one of the area’s championship courses. 

You can try your hand at Bay Hill Club & Lodge, which hosts Arnold Palmer’s annual PGA Tour. Or practice your swing at Grand Cypress Golf Club and its 45 holes designed by Jack Nicklaus. 

If you prefer something less intense, you can go to one of the many public courses like Hunter’s Creek Golf Course and Winter Park Golf Course. 

Hike Through Scenic Views 

Get out into nature with a gorgeous hike! You’ll find everything from leisurely strolls through wetland ecosystems to heart-thumping treks up mountain peaks. 

One must-visit spot is Wekiwa Springs State Park, where you can explore lush landscapes and catch glimpses of wildlife like gators, deer, and birds. 

You can head to Little Big Econ State Forest for something more physically stimulating, where no two hikes are the same, thanks to its diverse terrain. 

Bike Smooth Trails 

For those who prefer two wheels over two feet, there are tons of bike trails around central Florida for cyclists of all skill levels. 

The West Orange Trail is perfect for cyclists who want a leisurely ride while taking in some breathtaking views along Lake Apopka and surrounding wetlands. You can also take on Cady Way Trail if you’re looking for something a bit more thrilling, with multiple loops throughout Winter Park and more. 

Orlando has trails appropriate for kiddos on training wheels or for those who consider themselves cyclists. So, you may decide to make a day of it!

Visit the Kennedy Space Center 

If you’re feeling extra curious about outer space, this experience will leave you starstruck! Visitors can learn about space exploration, from past launches to current SpaceX missions. 

Adults and kids can get hands-on experience with interactive exhibits that allow them to explore real rockets (virtually). You’ll also get access to behind-the-scenes activities like Astronaut Encounter and Lunch With An Astronaut program, where visitors can see what it’s like being an astronaut.

With so many exciting attractions under one roof—this is definitely an experience that should make it on your list.

Catch a Show at Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts 

For those looking for an evening entertainment option outside Disney World®, look no further than Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts. 

The center hosts everything from touring Broadway musicals (like Hamilton!) to classical concerts throughout the year. Sometimes, there are free events like movie nights. 

Whether it’s a show you know or a new production, spending an evening here is an unforgettable experience.

Experience Orlando Beyond Disney® 

Orlando is full of fun activities outside Disney World®, including pro golf experiences, breathtaking hikes through scenic views, biking through smooth trails, visiting the Kennedy Space Center, or catching shows at Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts. 

There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure!

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