What is Electro Muscle Stimulation?

Updated on April 7, 2023

Electro muscle stimulation, or better known as EMS, is a new addition to the fitness industry that has changed the way people view exercising. By using tiny electrodes that stimulate your muscles, it reduces the amount of time spent in the gym and accelerates results. EMS workouts are twenty five minutes long and can produce the same results as a two and half hour HIIT workout, giving people their time back in their day. EMS can be used not only to create a stronger, better version of yourself but also aid in recovery, stimulate more collagen production,  appearance of cellulite, improve circulation, skin elasticity and reduce the risk of injury. This low impact style of training has been gaining traction over the last few years, catching the eye of many, but what is it and how does it work? 

What is EMS?

EMS is a type of training that utilizes wearable technology, coupled with low-impact workouts to create results in a fraction of the time without wear or tear on your joints. These types of workouts use wearable tech containing electro-pulse pads that pump out tiny electrodes stimulating the muscles causing them to contract. These pulses are the same type of electrical signals the brain already sends to the muscles causing them to move. However this electrical signal created by the electro-pulse pads is sent to 90% of muscles at once, contracting the muscles 85 times a second. 

EMS has traditionally been used to help with severe muscle injuries and recovery from major surgeries, assisting in strengthening the damaged muscles at a rapid pace, cutting down recovery time. It has since been revolutionized to create a cutting edge fitness experience that produces rapid results and can target problem areas. The intensity of the pulses can be modified in every major muscle group throughout the workout. The experience is comparable to muscle twitching; however, it is entirely involuntary and completely uncontrollable by the recipient. In essence, EMS is enhancing what already would happen if you were voluntarily contracting and releasing those muscles in your body. 

How does EMS Work?

The electro pulse pads, located within the wearable tech, stimulate and activate all major muscle groups simultaneously to trigger rapid, deep contractions that; build lean muscle, increase flexibility, improve endurance and enhance cardio fitness. The repetitive movement of contracting and relaxing the muscles that are being targeted in your body can affect  blood circulation, strength, minimizes muscle atrophy, and installs patterns amongst fibers in your body. EMS sends tiny electrodes that attach to the skin near the area of focus that stimulate the muscles at a rapid pace. Without the use of EMS, muscles can only contract about once per second or repetition. With EMS, muscles can contract 85 times per second or repetition.  

Are there benefits to EMS?

EMS has a number of significant health benefits, both mentally and physically. This technology affects your body by building strength in your muscles, tissues, fibers, and can increase blood flow. These workouts are low impact and reduce the risk of injury since muscles are activated; not pulled, strained, or shocked. Strength training is important for your body, especially as you begin to age and are trying to remain as healthy as possible. EMS workout provides a low impact option that limits wear and tear on your joints, making it a great fitness option for people of all ages. It can also stimulate more collagen production in your body, aiding in skin tightening, minimizing the appearance of cellulite and improving the overall  laxity and aging effects on your body. With all the physical health benefits EMS offers, it can also impact your mental health by increasing the release of endorphins in your brain, enhancing your mood and enabling you to feel happier. Overall, EMS has countless health benefits to offer for those taking part in any form of the workout. 

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Doug Payne

Doug Payne is a seasoned franchisor, with more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness space franchising European Wax Center, Orangetheory and Massage Envy. Using his extensive background as an Electronics Engineer for the United States Navy and Communications, Navigation, Radar and Desktop Simulation engineer for the Boeing Company, Doug created the OHM EMPower Bodysuit, which helped launch the latest fitness concept OHM Fitness. OHM Fitness opened its first studio in Scottsdale, Arizona in June 2022 and within six months, the hot new fitness franchise had eight territories in development totaling more than 150 future studios nationwide. It is one of the first fitness franchises to deliver small group workouts using highly-effective electro muscle stimulation (EMS) through the use of wireless wearable technology called the OHM EMPower Bodysuit. This high-tech fitness experience packs the benefits of an intense two and half hour workout into a low-impact, 25-minute session.