Lifespark Hires Matt Nyquist as Chief Population Health Officer to Prepare for National Market Expansion

Updated on June 23, 2022

Matt Nyquist of Orono, Minnesota, has joined Lifespark as Chief Population Health Officer leading the design, development, and management of Lifespark’s global risk products and market expansion to reduce costs and improve experience for seniors, family members, and providers.

“Lifespark has a deep understanding of how to provide services that support seniors long-term but also how to be accountable to metrics that matter to their overall experience,” said Nyquist. “I knew of Lifespark in the marketplace but until I joined the team, I didn’t realize the true depth of the team’s knowledge in population health, global risk, and geriatric expertise that underpinned what we’re doing.”

Nyquist added that much of his focus initially will be on process and structure bringing rigor around Lifespark’s scalable product, Lifespark COMPLETE. “The foundation of successful population health efforts is data, but many organizations fall short in providing metrics that demonstrate efficacy. We are building transparency in our results to create trust and alignment with our partners. Proving our model and delivering results that drive a better experience for seniors will be our biggest impact,” said Nyquist.

According to Joel Theisen, BSN, RN, Lifespark CEO, Nyquist has the right blend of expertise with value-based business models, products, and contracting for member populations in a range of product types including Medicare Advantage, Dually Eligible like MSHO, Institutional and Equivalent Special Needs Plans – I-SNP and IE-SNP, and direct contracting. “As we begin to scale to new markets beyond Minnesota in 2022, this role is a critical function,” explained Theisen. “The high-volume, low-value market is rapidly evolving for seniors and Lifespark is ready to seize that opportunity with our scalable product and proven results that matter to seniors, their families, and health care overall.”

As for why Lifespark, Nyquist shared, “I was looking for a company with an entrepreneurial spirit where what I did mattered. Finding a place that was smaller but bold in its vision, had a strong culture, and a differentiated product is rare, but Lifespark checked all those boxes. We are ready for scale and I’m excited to be part of this next phase to help seniors age magnificently not just in Minnesota, but nationally.”

“It’s all about the people at Lifespark,” added Theisen. “Matt is a great addition, and he will keep people front and center in all of our work, that’s what really matters – making complete senior health accessible for all.”

Prior to joining Lifespark, Nyquist was the Chief Product Officer/Chief Information Officer for the Center for Digital Health with UnitedHealth Group – Optum where he led the design, development, and implementation of a new digital first care model that combines digital health visits with in-person physician visits to make care more convenient. He was also Optum’s Chief Information Officer – Population Health overseeing the technology division which held $2 billion in population health business. 

Nyquist has a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the University of St. Thomas and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Management, and Human Resources from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also holds certification in Executive Leadership Education from Stanford University and Executive Data Science from University of Minnesota.

About Lifespark
Lifespark, formerly Lifesprk, is a complete senior health company headquartered in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. We help people stay healthy, navigate their health options with confidence, and ultimately live fuller, more independent lives as they age.

Lifespark’s global risk model is proven to reduce total risk and improve outcomes. It provides a flexible, home-based delivery system that meets clients where they are using an integrated tech platform that seamlessly combines capabilities, data, and client experience. This scalable approach has few fixed costs and a clear path to grow. For more on Lifespark, visit:

About Lifespark COMPLETE™
Lifespark’s flagship program brings together everything Lifespark has to offer—our whole-person, life-sparking approach, 24/7 access to Everyday Support, a dedicated advisor to guide seniors and their family, expert in-home geriatric medical care, and full coordination of services and resources, brought right to their door. 

With Lifespark Complete, seniors get more at no additional cost through participating insurance plans—more guidance, more support, more cost-saving options, and more control over their life. Learn more:

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