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Updated on May 16, 2021
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Working out sessions can be a little bit intense, hence the need for adequate preparation before starting the workout. For this reasons, fitness enthusiasts are being encouraged to use pre-workout supplements for optimal performance during the session. The pre-work-out supplements are multi-dietary formulas designed to boost the energy needed to take you through the challenging sessions. The pre-work supplements have to include pump ingredients critical to helping achieve the energy needed for the workout. The principle of operation of pre-work-out ingredients is through vasodilation of blood vessels that aid in pumping blood to and from the muscles. Various brands have specialized in the formulation of pre-workout supplements, but a strong focus is put on ghost legend, a reputable brand in this session. 

Ghost legend is re-known for its formula of combining pump ingredients with energy and focus formula. Ghost legend has a vast number of good products that are vital in workout preparation. All the products formulated by ghost legend are patented with the relevant body. The brand is also open with the ingredients used by publicly displacing the contents on a transparent label. Ghost legend supplement has been formulated to meet the dietary needs of everyone. Individuals sensitive to gluten, sugar, and soy have been catered for by producing a free product of all this. The following are some of the pump ingredients used by ghost legend.


L-Citrulline is among the best and most effective pump ingredients. Contrary to other brands that use a proprietary blend of Citrulline Malate, Ghost legend only uses L-Citrulline. Comparatively, L-Citrulline only requires low amounts to offset the effect on the user. Usage of 4mg of L-Citrulline has the same effect as 8mg of Citrulline Malate. Despite L-Citrulline being expensive, it gives stronger pumps. It does not result in any stomach discomfort resulting from different acid, which is usually present in Citrulline Malate. Another additional feature that makes L-Citrulline the best pump ingredient is its vegan fermentation, making it friendly to vegans.

Carnosyn Beta Alanine

It has been proven that a daily dosage of 3.2 G+ Beta Alanine is necessary for pre-workout sessions through clinical trials. Ghost legend incorporates 2mg of Beta Alanine in its scoop, making its products as per the recommended standards.

Total Caffeine

Ghost legend’s product fusion with 237mg Caffeine anhydrous and 37mg of the caffeine removed from DiCaffeine Malate works the magic.

Agmatine Sulphate

Agmatine has been used to replace L-Arginine to increase the blood pump to the muscles. Agmatine, which is extracted from Arginine, has been effectively acting as a pump ingredient. Agmatine is combined with Citrulline to make up the 500mg portion of the ghost legend product. 

Alpha –GPC 

Alpha-GPC is used as a nootropic supplement in the ghost legend’s pre-workout products. The pump ingredient is known to enhance cognitive functions such as memory and motivation. Despite the energy and performance being the most important aspects when preparing for workout sessions, focus and concentration must be factored in. alpha-GPC helps channel the energy towards a focus on the sessions.

Arginine Nitrate

Arginine Nitrate is among the most effective pump ingredient. The pump ingredient is formulated by combining L-Arginine and Nitrate (nitric acid) to attack nitric oxide, thereby delivering a complete, all-out pump experience unlike most of the pump ingredients.

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