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Updated on August 16, 2020
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Laser hair removal is becoming a common cosmetic surgery trend today, with over $2.3 billion used annually for hair removal procedures. With different trends and innovations in this industry, the current trends and developments increase to groundbreaking equipment catered to the modern population.

SharpLight systems offer exceptional medical treatments with advanced technologies suited for all skin types. As one of the top pioneers in cosmetic skin rejuvenation, consumers are assured of innovative and non-invasive treatments performed by certified technicians conversant with the ever-changing aesthetic industry, in their quest to have healthy-looking skin.

Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair permanently or semi-permanently by the use of concentrated laser beams. These beams are specially designed to ensure minimal invasion by inhibiting the growth of hair in the body.

SharpLight systems offer a consultation before laser hair removal to assess the desired target areas and advise on the procedure to take. For instance, background information detailing your medical history will enable the professionals to consider the following factors:

  • Number of treatment sessions
  • The wavelength of the laser beam
  • Length and number of pulses in each session

Laser hair removal machines are evolving to incorporate handheld devices as additives to new models, eradicating bulk, and increasing modernism. These devices come with new configurations that elevate the overall machine technology.

Why laser hair removal?

The struggle with hair growth is common in more people than others, with most individuals being highly affected with constant hair growth. For instance, hair growth in unwanted regions such as the armpits, face, bikini line, and legs is a constant bother to both men and women alike. 

Unwanted hair growth can spark up common body insecurities and seek to distort an individual’s body image. Some women may experience unwanted hair growth in their chin, upper lip, and legs. This changes bodily appearance heightening self-esteem issues and insecurities due to the likely visibility by others. On the other hand, men may experience excessive hair growth on the face, chin, neck, legs, and armpits.

As certain genetic traits may predispose excessive hair growth, others are influenced by hormonal changes and underlying conditions that the individual may be unaware of.

Laser hair removal seeks to resolve cases of unwanted hair growth and restore individual body image and confidence.

SharpLight’s technology

At SharpLight, hair removal is done through two main technologies, pulsed light or photoepilation.

These technologies offer easy, fast, and safe hair removal methods or reduction using laser beams to heat active growth hair follicles, inhibiting growth. SharpLight’s laser techniques offer maximum results in minimal time and concentrate solely on the affected area, greatly lessening the surrounding skin’s impact.

SharpLight specialists advise their clients on the right course to take depending on their skin characteristics and desired outcomes with laser hair removal. Combining several technologies offers better results as different energy levels are introduced into the skin at varying wavelengths.

Dynamic Pulse control

SharpLight’s DPC technology offers high energy level optimum pulse configurations, which comprise three pulses, a smooth, high, and long pulse. Configured with the standard Omnimax systems, these pulse configurations seek various benefits to the skin by selecting which tissue to heat, prompt regeneration of the epidermal, and offer treatment options for pigmented or damaged lesions. 

With DPC technology, clients with skin types resistant to various technologies are assured of success when exposed to this treatment, as it prompts secondary healing of wounds. 

The DPC technology also comes fitted with a cooling system that expels the use of numbing and cooling creams after use.

SharpLight’s laser treatments

SharpLight specializes in three laser beam machines that boast different characteristics for energy penetration according to different skin types:

  • Q-Switched Laser

As a high-speed shutter machine, the Q-Switched laser offers short pulses in between beams. With a capacity for dual wavelengths, the specialist can alternate between the two to achieve the desired effect.

  • Nd: YAG 1064 LP laser

This type of laser technology focuses on in-depth penetration with longer pulses to the dermis.

  • Er: YAG 2940 Fractional laser

This laser machine seeks to concentrate on only a fraction of the targeted skin area by delivering a powerful wavelength of 2940nm to the skin. This wavelength causes the water absorption of light to peak by directing pixels towards the skin’s microcolumns, thus ensuring maximum ablation.

Why SharpLight laser hair removal

The benefits of laser hair removal greatly outweigh eternal factors in the following ways:

  • Fast and quick technology

This technology caters to the modern population who are keen on turnaround time. With laser hair removal, consumers are assured of faster and thorough hair removal methods without the hassle of having to wait for long hours, as seen with other methods.

  • Efficiency

As one of the most efficient hair removal methods as it targets hair follicles directly from the root, this instantly slows down growth witnessed by the noticeable changes seen after a few sessions. As results vary from individual, SharpLight assures its users a considerable hair reduction period due to the carefully structured machines. However, the long term laser hair removal will require more sessions.

  • Firm and tighter skin

Laser technology causes the texture of the skin to improve, thus resulting in firmer and tighter skin. 

  • Reliable

With the advent of laser hair removal for over decades, consumers are assured of tried and tested standardized procedures without room for error. 

  • Diversity

Laser hair removal is conversant with individuals from different skin types, races, and skin augmentation. With a wide range of client profiles, you are sure to get the best possible treatment catered to your individual preference.

  • Treatment

As highlighted above, laser hair removal not only serves as an aesthetic procedure, rather treats various hair problems such as hirsutism, pigmented lesions, and baldness. 

SharpLight’s state of the art technology is constantly updating new and additional laser systems to keep in touch with the demanding cosmetic industry. With advancements in treatments, SharpLight systems are the right choice for varied aesthetic developments.

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