Laser Hair Removal FAQs: What You Should Know


Laser hair removal refers to the process in which hair is removed through exposure to laser light pulses that destroy hair follicles. It is a quick way of removing hair from the skin. However, people that want to get laser hair removal should do some research and understand what it takes and what is needed before and after the removal.

You might be lured by your friends or the promise of getting rid of the hair completely, but you need to know the facts about laser hair removal before committing to it. The truth is that the pros of getting laser hair removal are more than the cons. For instance, it can get rid of pigmentation that is caused by skin aggravation – a condition caused by ingrown hairs. 

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There are several other options that you can consider when it comes to hair removal. Some of these options include threading, waxing, tweezing, and shaving. However, laser hair removal guarantees a permanent removal of body hair. This explains the reason why it is popular. So what do you need to know before considering laser hair removal?

How Long Does it Take Before Noticing a Change?

Some people get laser hair removal with expectations of immediate change. This does not happen. It will take about three weeks after the first treatment for you to see any changes. In addition, you will need about ten treatments if you are to get rid of all the hair.

In addition, you need to make sure that your appointments are well spread within a span of three weeks. Laser hair removal places provide you with locations near you where you can get laser hair removal, making sure that you are able to attend all your sessions.

Is the Process Painful?

Laser hair removal sends the laser’s light through the hair pigment destroying its follicle. The light is converted into heat that is tasked with damaging both the hair bulb and follicle. The process is quick and you might experience some sharp pain especially when it passes on the light parts of your skin such as your chin, near your nose, and temples.

However, some lasers come with a cooling mechanism that runs cold air right on the parts of the skin where the laser passes. This helps a lot when getting rid of the sharp pain. In situations where your body temperature is high, you might experience some pain as well. 

Do You Need to Shave Before Getting Laser Hair Removal?

Yes, you need to make sure that you have shaved the areas of your skin where you need to get laser hair removal. This is because the laser might cause a burnt hair smell or some irritation due to a reaction with the unshaven hair on your skin. 

In addition, you should shave within twenty-four hours before getting the laser hair removal. You should also avoid plucking hair, waxing, and tweezing before laser hair removal.

How Long Does an Appointment Take?

This depends on the part of your body that will have hair laser removed. If you are going for something like full-face laser hair removal, it should not take more than thirty minutes. This is taking into account that you might have your face cleaned and any makeup removed. You will be able to get soft, silky, and hairless skin with laser hair removal within a few minutes.

Can You Go to the Gym after Laser Hair Removal?

You should never go to the gym within the first twenty-four hours after laser hair removal. Additionally, you should also avoid things such as hot showers and saunas. This is because such activities play a huge role in creating a warm environment that can be a breeding ground for bacteria that could make your skin spotty.

Do I Need to Go Back for More Treatments?

Finally, even though a bigger percentage of people who get laser hair removal have reported a permanent removal of their hair, there is a small percentage that has reported getting the hair back. This is often caused by fluctuating hormones. Your doctor will advise you if you will need to get any top-up hair removal treatments.

In conclusion, laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world today. This is because of its precision with the ability to target hair while leaving the rest of the skin without any damage. It is also fast compared to the other options of hair removal.

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