How Often Should You Sharpen Manicure Tools?

Updated on November 3, 2021

Any experienced craftsman knows that the outstanding outer look of manicure is impossible to deliver without the good sharpness of the instruments. Only high-quality beauty care tools and equipment can provide the ultimate experience of getting perfect service and amazing results. If you ask any master who works for a long time and has lots of satisfied clients, you will understand that the regular nail instrument sharpening greatly contributes to the overall success. Sharp scissors, nippers, and other cutting tools are necessary for careful cutting off the tender skin. In case they are not efficient enough, the client will have to tackle hangnails, roughness, and even slight wounds. 

Signs That You Need to Sharpen Manicure Tools 

Being a newcomer to the industry of manicure, you may be concerned with the essential questions like how to sharpen manicure scissors or when I need to do it. There is no simple rule to follow universally. In general, you have to take into account the period of tool usage, the frequency of its utilization, and the material and quality of implemented instruments. Some professional craftsmen claim that the tools should be sharpened regularly every six months. Still, it is important to focus on your equipment and not to wait it’s already too dull. There are several vivid signals that your instruments cry out for sharpening:

– Signs of corrosion are clearly visible on the blades 

– Visible gaps between the cutting edges when closed 

– Small holes appear at the junction of instrument parts 

– The blades are badly polished, unpleasant, and rough to touch. 

The above-mentioned unwelcome problems may turn out at any time, therefore there is no clear-cut time period defining the durability of sharpened instruments. 

The Importance of Regular Manicure Tools Sharpening 

The skills and experience of a craftsman as well as usage of costly materials will not lead to an ideal manicure if the cutting instruments are dull. Irregular sharpening does not allow masters to work fast and effectively because scissors and nippers will tear the skin in pieces. This makes the process not only long and time-wasting but also incredibly painful, bringing a lot of discomfort to the client and the craftsman. Besides, it is advisable to address a professional to get a correctly sharpened instrument. The decision of adjusting the tools by yourself may bring extensive damages and the necessity of purchasing new instruments. 

The Ways of Storing Manicure Tools 

Nail instrument sharpening may become your frequent pain in the neck if you use an inappropriate way of storage. Even expensive first-class instruments will get out of order and require constant sharpening if they are kept in a messy drawer together with other equipment. The best approach to protecting and keeping your instruments in perfect condition is storing them in individual packages in a closed organizer. Such a careful attitude towards tools prevents metal from dents and damages and results in their incredible durability and operator comfort. 

Sharp manicure tools are the first step towards offering a professional service to your clients. It facilitates and fastens the whole procedure making it easy and relaxing. 

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