Kratom: Natural Support for Energy, Relaxation and Overall Wellbeing

Updated on March 9, 2021
Why should you use kratom?

While Kratom is currently unregulated by the FDA, many states now allow consumers to use Kratom for recreational use such as relieving physical discomfort, boosting energy levels, and promoting a pro-social mindset. Kratom grows indigenously in Thailand and Southeast Asia, where it has long been used for its powers in providing both energizing and relaxation effects. 

In Asia, where it has been used for hundreds of years, Kratom is used to mitigate fatigue and discomfort. It’s also been traditionally employed in the East to combat the common cough and diarrhea. In today’s world, Kratom is being widely used in the Fitness industry as a preworkout and recovery supplement. 

If you are interested in a medical endorsement of Kratom from a physician, you may want to consult an Osteopathic Physician. In fact, the American Osteopathic Association quotes Walter Prozialeck, Ph.D. and author of studies about Kratom, “There’s no question Kratom compounds have complex and potential useful pharmacologic activities, and they produce chemically different actions from opioids,” he says. “Kratom doesn’t produce an intense euphoria, and even at very high doses, it doesn’t depress respiration, which could make it safer for users.”

Additional Kratom Benefits

Beyond its applications for mitigating discomfort, reducing fatigue, and increasing productivity, Kratom is gaining recognition for other benefits. As noted by, Kratom can:

  • Improve cognition
  • Boost mood
  • Increase focus and attention span

Finding the Right Kratom Source

If purchasing online, researching the vendor should be taken seriously. The following are some guidelines that responsible sellers and producers of Kratom powders should provide:

  • Information about product quality controls in place
  • Transparency about whether Kratom powders are mixed with any other substance, fillers, or additives such as flavorings
  • Visibility of current warnings as appropriate

One company that is rapidly emerging as a reputable vendor in the increasingly crowded field of Kratom powder suppliers is Happy Hippo Herbals.

Why Happy Hippo?

The company, based in Boise, Idaho, has a staff of family and friends with a combined 20+ years of experience of using kratom, trying countless different Indonesian farmers and vigorous pathogen sterilization and independent lab testing. They also: 

  • Find their own farmers.
  • Test their products frequently.
  • Use their own products daily. 

Here are a few common Kratom strains that you’ll find at their online store:

  • Green vein Thai
  • Green Sundanese
  • Red Maeng da
  • White Maeng da
  • Gold Maeng da
  • Diamon Malay
  • Ruby Red Thai

Advice for Starting Out With Kratom Products

Finding the right products and serving size is critical because everybody’s endocannabinoid system responds a little bit differently to Kratom. Unfortunately, some people don’t get the proper education on how to properly use Kratom.

Some companies in this space are really not zeroing in on the proper serving size and how to use Kratom for optimal effects. But at Happy Hippo, they are very well versed in understanding how to get people started on the right product that may work for them. They have an extensive blog on their site that answers frequently asked questions, very friendly customer service to answer any question not found on the blog, and they even have a “Newbie Pack” for beginners to try everything they need in one order!

Until you understand how Kratom affects you personally, it is recommended to start with small serving sizes, gradually adjusting to your “sweet spot” for desired effects. Fortunately, the ability to purchase Kratom in either encapsulated or powder form gives you an option to take precise amounts or make adjustments through careful measurements.


Consumers should be mindful of Kratom’s effects, availability, and even potential for abuse. If you are considering using Kratom, learn as much as you can before you order and pay special attention to selecting the right provider. You want to know what to expect from the product and that the company is responsive to requests for customer service or more information. Kratom has the potential for managing physical discomfort, balancing mood, fatigue, and more, so it’s worth investigating. Find a reputable company, use the product as advised, and read more information from a variety of sources. 

Finally, always consult your physician or osteopathic doctor if you are unsure if Kratom is right for you.

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