5 of the Best Acne Treatment Tips To Keep The Problem At Bay

Updated on October 30, 2023

If you’re suffering with persistent acne, you’ll know that it can be a miserable time, with it keep coming back, no matter what you do. Of course there are the best acne treatment options available to you from your local cosmetics counter – and they are a great thing to use to accelerate your skin’s recovery – but there are other things that you can do for yourself to help matters along. If you’re looking for expert medical advice, consulting an acne dermatologist in Singapore is a wise step to consider.

That’s what we seek to help you with here, as we look at 5 things you can be doing to reduce breakouts and have great-looking skin.

Tip 1 – Clean Your Face Twice a Day

One of the best acne treatment choices is one of the most simplest and it involves cleaning your face twice a day, every day. In truth, acne is not often caused by a dirty face, but you still need to remove excess oil, dirt and bacteria and the best way to do that is through the use of a mild cleanser. 

Don’t do too much washing through, as over-washing can result in dryness, which is known to aggravate spots and pimples. 

Tip 2 – Avoid Scrubbing Harshly

Gentleness is key with these kinds of skin issues, as even the best acne treatment is going to struggle to work if you’re using rough washcloths or pads to clean your skin. Those with acne generally have sensitive skin to begin with and this kind of scrubbing can lead to further inflammation and more spots.

Tip 3 – Wash Your Hair Regularly

If you have excess oil in your hair and you don’t wash it out regularly, it can end up travelling down to the skin and making your acne worse. Regularly washing your hair can often stop your acne from starting, particularly when talking about the hairline.

Also, you should avoid using hair gel that can also result in clogged pores when it comes into contact with the skin.

Tip 4 – Try Not to Pick at Your Spots

It can be awfully tempting to deal with spots and pimples by squeezing them, but this is not going to help much and it usually ends up with more spots, plus scarring thrown in for good measure. Use the appropriate cleanser and toner for your skin type and you’ll do much to stop new spots from appearing. 

Tip 5 – Try Not to Eat the Wrong Foods

Whilst it’s not yet backed by science, many believe there to be a connection between what you eat and the condition of your skin – particularly when talking about certain dairy products and foods high in sugar. One way to check is to keep a food diary and monitor whether you get a breakout when you consume certain things.

An Ongoing Battle Against Breakouts

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your acne under control, we’d recommend trying the tips we’ve shown you here today. They’re not the be all and end all, but they should certainly help.

Of course, we’d recommend using a purifying toner in conjunction with a refining cream and a spot toner too, as it will help by tightening your pores and provide your skin with a soft, moisturized glow. Also able to remove discoloration and marks, the best acne treatment available will typically come as part of a set that deals with all of the underlying factors. 

Combined the tips above with a set like this and your acne doesn’t stand a chance!

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