Key Facts to Know About Dental Fillings

Updated on March 18, 2022

Dental fillings are one of the most popular dental procedures. People tend to get a dental filling at some point in their life. Although it is very common for people to get cavities, not many people know about them. Most people simply believe that there is a connection between sugar and gum disease. To help you learn more about dental fillings, the following key facts will prove useful.

Sugar Is Not the Main Reason Why People Get Dental Fillings

Now, even though sugar is related to cavities, it is not the main cause. It is harmful bacteria which live in our mouth that causes cavities. Thus, it is crucial that you know that sugar is not the main reason why people get dental fillings.   

Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Available

Gone are the days when only a metal amalgam filling was the treatment option. A metal amalgam filling is made mostly of gold or silver. Despite the fact that it gets the job done, the filling does not look natural. You cannot expect a normal smile with a metal amalgam filling. The good news is that all types of tooth-colored fillings are available; according to New York Total Dental, “tooth fillings are comprised of composite materials such as plastic and silica, or zirconia”. Besides, metal fillings are known for hurting the teeth in the long haul. Hence, it makes sense to opt for a different type of filling. Opt for a tooth-colored filling as it is made of composite resin material. It will provide you with the most natural smile possible.

Cavities Only Keep Getting Worse Unless They Are Treated

Unless cavities are treated, they only keep getting worse. Bacteria are the main cause of cavities as mentioned above. It only causes the hole to continue getting worse until you receive a treatment. You cannot afford to ignore cavities as they are a problem which never goes away on its own. Rather than putting your tooth at jeopardy, it is best to schedule an appointment with a dentist to get a dental exam conducted. You can also read this article for tips that work.

It Is Possible To Get a Cavity without Knowing

Since the enamel does not have any nerves, chances are that you would not know that you have a cavity until the issue becomes serious. This is why the importance of a thorough dental exam cannot be stressed enough. Only an experienced dentist would be able to find cavities. Hence, you should always go for a dental check every six months. It will help ensure that the cavity is detected early on by the dentist. 

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A Root Canal Would Be Required If the Cavity Gets Very Deep

There is a dental pulp inside our tooth. It is where the blood vessels and nerves of our teeth are located. Now, if the cavity manages to make its way deep enough, it would end up breaking through the dental pulp and allowing the harmful bacteria to infect it.  

Not only would it be seriously painful but it would cause the entire tooth to brittle. Thus, you would need to get a root canal to help alleviate the pain. Get a tooth-colored dental filling done early to prevent such a scenario from occurring in the first place.

A Dental Crown Would Be Required If the Cavity Is Too Big

Not only should you be worried about how deep the cavity gets, but also how large it becomes. If it gets too big, the chances of health enamel remaining for a dental filling would be low. Thus, it would not be possible for the dental filling to bond which would cause it to fall out. There is also a risk of the whole tooth fracturing open. If you think that you have cavities, you should get a dental exam conducted early on. 

Dental Fillings Are Not Permanent

Although dental fillings tend to last a long time, you should not expect them to be permanent. There is bound to be a time when they will fall out. It is because of the fact that the bond between your enamel and the filling starts to weaken as time progresses. Thus, you would need to get an old filling replaced with a new one. It is a good idea to visit the dentist regularly to replace older fillings on time. 

Restoration Is Possible In a Single Visit

There is no reason for you to believe that you would need to visit the dentist multiple times to get a dental filling. It is possible for the restoration to be done during the initial visit. Hence, you can easily book a session and get it over with. 

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