Discover Five Most Difficult Yet Well Paid Healthcare Jobs

Updated on September 28, 2020

Say the word healthcare and everyone around you will envision a doctor, hospital, and a nurse. Our common perception of healthcare is that of a doctor and nurse. But if we pay attention, many other designations are contributing to the healthcare system in ways unimaginable. The healthcare system is booming with an influx of patients and can always use more resources. The patients’ visits to hospitals are increasing more than ever. One of the core reasons is the baby boomers retiring and facing old-age health issues. And if we have a pandemic to deal with, the need for the resources gets more potential. 

Many people are becoming aware of keeping track of their health and following up with their healthcare providers. When it comes to professional studies, we all give it a good thought before choosing one. We research about career opportunities, professional development, and financial stability. The healthcare system has umpteen opportunities for people with relevant education and skills to pave their way in this field. It is not mandatory to go to a medical school to join the healthcare system. If you have a management degree, you are eligible to join the healthcare management and put your skills to use.  

Many people enroll in online healthcare programs to master skills and equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary for this field. These programs help students with diverse educational backgrounds to gain insight to handle significant problems in health care, such as data privacy, operations, and access to care.  

Here are a few challenging designations in the health care that can pay you well if you pursue it as a career. 


As a medical or health service manager, you will have to shoulder managing costs and maintaining the quality and timely delivery of the healthcare services. A medical services manager is eligible to work in NHS or private sectors. They deal with clinical and non-clinical staff and with other patient organizations. To acquire a job as a health services manager, a person shall have a minimum bachelor’s degree in accountancy, human resources, or business. These managers have to oversee day-to-day operations running in a hospital, gather and analyze data, implement policies, and maintain the quality of services. It is one of the tough jobs in the healthcare system and has a median salary of about 98,350 dollars per year. 


Nurses are the crux of the healthcare system. As a registered nurse, you can explore a variety of options within the healthcare system. You can be a registered nurse if you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Registered nurses can pursue their careers outside a hospital set up like a school, nursing homes, or law firm. In a hospital set up, the RN is responsible for taking care of patients with critical illnesses, withering their care plans, preparing them for surgeries, and looking after their well-being. They also play a dynamic role in advocating on behalf of patients. The median salary of a registered nurse ranges up to 70,000 dollars annually. 


None of our diagnoses would be possible if we didn’t have individuals knowing how to operate the equipment. A clinical or medical technologist is an integral part of diagnostic procedures. They ensure the safety and accuracy of equipment or technology used for patients in a hospital. They work with multidisciplinary teams based on their knowledge of machines and technology. These individuals are responsible for maintaining the functioning of equipment, reporting a timely upgrade in the kit, and monitoring the records of patients. They can work as radiologists, opt for nuclear medicine and oncology departments. A medical technologist makes an annual pay of about 51,770 dollars. 


They are also known as family support workers. The home health aide is a challenging job with a lot of variety. They offer emotional-care to families that are facing short or long term difficulties. Local authorities, social services departments, and charitable organization often seek their services. They can assist in dealing with mental health issues, anti-social behaviors, domestic violence, or bullying of any kind. They can also choose to work as family intervention officer, parenting support worker, and project manager in an organization. As a home health aide, you can create a long-lasting positive impact on many lives. Their median annual salary ranges up to 23,210 dollars.


People working as a personal care aide offer their services to people with their daily life activities. You can work in a hospital, nursing homes, adult day care centers, and an in-home caretaker. Personal care performs various tasks like cooking, lifting heavy objects, dressing, bathing, and other housekeeping chores. They often help people experiencing any physical or cognitive disability. The median annual salary of a personal aide is approximately 23,100 dollars. 


Healthcare is like an umbrella that covers a diverse range of professionals other than doctors and nurses. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states the US healthcare system has the most job openings every year. This industry is booming because of the early retiring individuals and other factors that are affecting health. Anyone with or without an MBBS degree can pursue a high paid career in healthcare and medicine. According to a survey, 6 out of 8 tough jobs are in the healthcare systems. These designations a lot of skills and experience besides education to ensure the well-being of patients and helping them recover. 

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