Joy Organics Review: Is it Worth it?

Are you looking to use CBD Oil? Are you confused as to whether it is safe for you?

Cannabidiol is all over the internet and media. CBD is easily available in major parts of the USA. All 50 states have legalized CBD with different degrees of restrictions. 

More than 33% of American adults have used it once or more in their lifetime. Colorado is the top-selling US state. 64% of Americans use it for pain relief, while 49% of them use it to treat their insomnia. 

There has been a massive boom in CBD products in the market. From a couple of companies, it has now increased to hundreds. New brands are being introduced every day. This can create a dilemma for consumers. 

Joy Organics is one of the top CBD products manufacturers. We have evaluated all its products to provide you with a compressive Joy Organics review. Keep reading to find out the details about the product and know if it’s safe to use.

Joy Organics Review: Brand Overview

Do you want a cure for your chronic pain? Has all medical remedy failed to offer relief? Try out Joy Organics CBD products. 

Joy Smith is the man behind Joy Organics. As she suffered from various health problems like sleep disorders, he stumbled across the health benefits of CBD. 

She looked for a natural product, and that is when she was suggested to use CBD by her son. Even though she purchased several brands, she didn’t actually find what she had been looking for. She came to realize that the CBD oil industry is a complete mess. 

  • With growing distress and frustration, the idea to introduce Joy Organic dawned on her. She decided to create a product that people trust and love.  
  • Joy Organics was introduced in July 2018, and since then, the growth trajectory of the company has been quite steady. 
  • Joy and her husband have a history of entrepreneurship. Todd, Joy’s husband, is the co-founder. He has almost 30 years of experience working in the health industry. 
  • Joy’s son runs a digital marketing agency. So, they were confident that they would be successful in developing their own place in the CBD industry. Joy Organics was founded in Colorado’s Fort Collins. 
  • At present, Joy’s daughters, too, work for the company. Hence, it can be said to be a family-run affair. The company now has 70 employees. 

The family focus makes this CBD retailer stand out from the rest. Their CBD goals are unlike others. All their products are created with compassion, excellence, and integrity. 

Many brands available in the market tend to hide under the veil of promises over the organic and best quality of their products. However, Joy Organics is unlike them. It is a visionary brand of initiative and value that offers CBD oils to topical creams. 

The labels of the products have a simple design and are quite straightforward. You will find the ingredients listed for the products. You will find a warning stamp on the packages telling you about the coconut content in the form of MCT oil. 

The company distributes its CBD products to customers across the United States. It claims their pharmaceutical-grade hemp products are, 

Joy Organics uses advanced technology to offer industry-standard bioavailability. 

Joy Smith is passionate about helping people who are in need. She is an international speaker and an active volunteer. Her commitment to giving something back to the community is a significant part of Joy Organics CBD oil. This makes customers return to them. 

Joy Organics offers the purest CBD products that are free from toxins. Joy makes sure that her company products are available at an affordable price for all to procure it in times of need. 

We are going to tell you about the good and bad aspects of the company in our following segments. You can be sure that we will give you our honest opinion. 

CBD Source

Joy Organics uses pharmaceutical-grade CBD. The 7-step process, followed by the company to deliver the best CBD products, is given below. 

  1. Organic Hemp: It only uses Phyto, cannabinoid-rich organic hemp. All the products are organic growth. The company uses sustainable farming practices. 
  2. Raw Hemp Processing: After the harvesting process, the hemp plants are cured, dried, and then stored in the warehouse. In case a plant is required for production, it is grounded to get a course power. Thereafter, it is shipped to the company’s processing center in Colorado. 
  3. Proprietary Extraction and Solid Separation: Joy Organics follows a proprietary purification and hemp extraction process. Thus, each drop of has 112 phytocannabinoids. It preserves all terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. After the extraction of spectrum oil, it’s pressed to make sure that the plant matter is separated from the oil. 
  4. Distillation: After the oil is processed, food-grade ethanol is used for the extraction process. 
  5. Eliminating THC and Other Compounds: To make sure that the products don’t contain any traces of THC in the product, Joy Organics makes use of proprietary technology for eliminating THC that’s present in the oil. The process also gets rid of wax, chlorophyll, and plant matter that’s present after the process of purification. It then gets rid of THC present in the oil. 
  6. In-Hour and Third-Party Testing: After manufacturing, CBD products are subjected to in-house, as well as third-party lab testing. When the products pass third-party lab testing, it is given a Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Quality Assurance. Furthermore, to make sure that the certificates hold true, third-party testing is conducted every month. 
  7. Improved Bioavailability through Nano Emulsion Technology: The ultimate step the company takes it to put the oil through a proprietary process that transforms it into nano-sized emulsions. Usually, CBD oil has 150-500 nanometer particles, while Joy contains only 25-60. This leads to better absorption. Put simply; you get more by consuming less. 

The 7-step process used by Joy Organics is used for the creation of Joy’s vision to offer some of the top CBD products available in the market. 

Lab Tests

Every Joy Organic hemp oil batch is tested by in-house and then by a third-party laboratory. It uses various labs for its varying product range. Oregon’s Pixis Labs is a full-service testing lab that tests an extensive range of compounds. The lab is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified and is accredited by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditations Program. Apart from this, the lab has secured various other accreditations from the State of Washington. 

Joy Organics also gets its products tested by Phytatech lab based in Denver and Aurum Lab. 

Each of Joy Organic products come with a QR code on their label. Scan this to take a look at the lab reports. The report is straightforward and easy to understand. At the bottom of the bottle, you will find the expiry date and the batch number. 

The lab testing is rigorous and is highly advertised by the company. It claims to have a new bar of testing in the industry. Every batch of product has been tested comprehensively by three labs that measure the characteristics of the products. 

C-Shipping and Return Policy

Joy Organics ships its products across the USA but not internally due to the existing regulations. The company understands the value of time. Thus, it makes sure customers enjoy the ultimate shopping experience. Joy Organics offers free handling and shipping to customers in the United States. 

Joy makes sure to carry her family values into the business and treats her clients like families. Hence, she only offers premium PCR hemp oil products to the customers. However, in case you are not satisfied with any of the products, the company is going to provide you with a complete refund. 

Albeit, the products come with a 30-day return policy, the company offers 15 grace on top of the 30-days. To place a return request, you will have to send an email to [email protected] or call them on the number 833-569-7223. 

When you fill out the contact form or send an email, you are going to get an email confirmation within 12 hours. 

Joy Organics Pros and Cons

Joy Organics offers its customers with a broad-spectrum of CBD products. 


  • Unlike the majority of the CBD products available online, Joy Organics doesn’t contain unwanted THC in its CBD products. 
  • All its products are produced in a GMP certified facility by the FDA. So, the products are non-GMO and organic. 
  • The company offers a detailed lab report for every batch of products, not just for cannabinoid content for prospective solvents and contaminants. 
  • Their products are manufactured from CBD-rich and US-grown hemp that doesn’t contain any contaminants. 
  • Its complete line of products is THC-free, but it still offers full-spectrum hemp extract. This makes them stand out from their contemporaries. 
  • Joy Organics offers free shipping all across the USA without any strings attached. 
  • It offers a 30-day return and refund policy with 15 days grace period. 


  • Albeit, the products are made to be affordable, it is a little on the expensive side in comparison to the other brands. 

Joy Organics CBD Product Reviews

Joy Organics strives for a better tomorrow, and they do this by expanding their product line. A significant aspect of medication is choice, and the company makes sure that its customers have enough products to choose from. 

In this section, we are going to take a quick glance at 3 of the most popular products by Joy Organics. 


CBD Oil bottles come with premium phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil that is free of THC. It contains a nutritious blend of terpenes and natural cannabinoids. It’s the best way to treat your body to a potent dose of cannabidiol. It doesn’t come with added ingredients or chemicals. By including this in your healthcare regime, you can expect a quick and easy result. 

CBD Oil is the best way to consume CBD. This is what makes CBD oil tinctures so popular among the users. 

Joy Organics CBD oil comes in various flavors such as, 

  • Tranquil mint
  • Orange bliss
  • Summer lemon
  • Natural


Customer Reviews

  1. I have been using CBD oil for quite some time now but from other brands, but then I started with Joy Organic products. After I did, I was surprised by its fantastic results. The customer has surely got a life-long customer. 
  2. A friend suggested I use Joy Organic CBD oil, and I am ecstatic with its result. I have started feeling so much better, and it’s only been six weeks. I began with the 250mg tincture and made my way up to 500mg tincture. It has zero side effects. It is a steal. 

Should I Buy It?

If you want a certified and organic CBD oil tincture that actually delivers what it promises, you should go for Joy Organics CBD oil. They are available in different flavors. Thus, if you don’t like the original flavor of CBD, go ahead and get the flavored ones. 

2. CBD Cream

Joy Organics also provides an extensive range of topicals that varies from hydrating salves to CBD-rich creams. You can easily apply these creams to specific parts of your body. It relaxes your joint pain and offers ultimate relief. Apart from treating pains and aches, it works wonders on various skin conditions. The compounds that go into the topicals are completely organic and don’t provoke allergy conditions. 


Customer Reviews

  1. I am really happy to use the cream on my neck and face. Everybody keeps asking me what I have used on my skin to make it appear so radiant. I like the pump bottle. What I love most about these creams is it doesn’t have any scent and is easily absorbed by the skin. 
  2. I have a severe issue that causes winter inflamed and dry skin. So, I started using Joy Organic CBD cream. They have given excellent results. Even after using a little, it provides optimum benefits, unlike the other brands I have used. This helps me save a great deal of money. 

Should I Buy It?

Anyone suffering from dry skin issues can use this. The creams are available in a handy package, and you will be able to carry it anywhere you want. It works well on inflamed skin and shows results in no time. 

3. CBD Gummies

Joy Organics offers the best CBD gummies available in the market. What’s makes it sort after are the three different flavors. Each jar comes with 30 gummies that contain 10mg of premium CBD. 


Customer Reviews

  1. After several months of looking for the right CBD product, I can say that Joy Organics is the best company in the market. It offers the best products. I really like the taste and flavor of the gummies. They are delicious and shows instant result. 
  2. I have tried strawberry lemonade flavor, and I love it. I have tried many CBD products, but these are certainly the best chews. 

Should I Buy It?

It is the ideal choice for you if you are using it for the first time. The gummies will support your existing wellness regime. It can provide instant relief and has a potent blend of CBD. 

Joy Organic FAQs

Does the Joy Organics CBD Gummies Contain THC?

The gummies provided by the company are THC free. It makes sure to remove all traces of THC from the CBD oil. This is clearly stated in the third-party lab reports. 

Are Joy Organics Products Safe?

No side effects have been reported until now due to the consumption of Joy Organics CBD products. All its products undergo extensive testing to ensure they are free of prospective contaminants. 

Can I Overdose on CBD?

There has been any record of anyone overdosing on CBD. It is completely non-toxic. Moreover, the products by Joy Organics don’t contain any detectable THC.

Final Words

So, if you are looking for a product that actually works, you can choose Joy Organics. Its quality is unquestionable, and the third-party lab-results are there to prove that. The safety of the CBD products is impeccable. What’s great is they offer a wide range of products. It ships its products all across the United States. 

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  1. Hi, I’m Helen Joya from Elite CBD Wellness. I tried the Joy organics liquid in vaping form, but dosing was tricky. The results were always great, just on the verge of a high but never a high. However, even if I put 5 drops and was sure that it was 5 mg in the device, I was never sure how much I smoked or inhaled in each puff. So I never increased it beyond 5 mg in total in the device and completed it in each session that I sat for. This ways it was 5 mg each time. I am a very satisfied user of Joy and I feel it is the best CBD worldwide.

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