Is Telemedicine The Future Of Healthcare?

Updated on April 20, 2022

Using technology, when a doctor provides healthcare services to his or her patients in a remote location is known as telemedicine. The future of telemedicine depends on the hand of humans and how well they take care of their economy and technology. By providing preventive and chronic care, it will result in well clinical outcomes.

By considering some of the factors, we will decide whether telemedicine is the future of the healthcare system or not.

Easy access to healthcare:

Telemedicine will privilege people of both rural and urban areas by enabling the patients to access the healthcare system. Patients will no longer have to face problems regarding the schedule and timings of visit and problems with the continuity of proper care and treatment. It will provide services and reduce the cost to the patients who will face difficulties of long-distance travelling or severe health issues.

Besides enhancing the staff distribution and patient engagement, telepsych virtual visits will also be possible, which will not only help the patients to receive therapies but also help the therapists to treat those patients who are unable to access the healthcare facilities.

Reimbursement rates:

The extensive use of telemedicine was cut short by the limited reimbursement. Even if the rules and regulations regarding the reimbursement are regularly evolving, still, out of the whole expenditure of healthcare, only a minimal amount is represented by telemedicine. The absence of sameness in the limits of the laws is the reasons for the variations in reimbursement rates.

The medical counter’s setting also affects the rates for the services. All these problems are still explored, and a proper cure for the rates are yet to find out. So, if these problems are eliminated, the foreseeable future is safe.

Provides satisfaction:

Telemedicine will ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity of systems and services. The job of a healthcare provider is not too easy and is very much challenging and stressful. Job satisfaction increases for a provider when it will be easier for them to meet the patients. In this way, their family life and job life will stay balanced.

Improvement in face-to-face interactions:

As the target is to lower down the healthcare costs, the doctor will have to take high-quality care of their patients to maintain a healthy bond between them. The traditional care delivery must not be replaced, and instead, it will be supported by telemedicine.

A telemedicine care provider will continue to take care of the patients in the traditional style, caring them in-person, but will also provide the flexibility in seeing the patients by visiting them in case of check-ups or whenever they find it necessary.

Improvement in treatment and care:

Generally, we give information to the doctors, and based on that, they provide treatment, but the telemedicine will give it an upgrade. The doctors will be able to hear the sound of your cough or will also be able to look at your swollen eyes. The patients will be able to hear directly without any hustles, about his or her diagnosis and the treatment options.

There will be no distinct difference between telemedicine and regular healthcare services. It will be easy to bill the patient’s medical insurance easily, in most of the cases.

Final Words:

As the healthcare cost is growing day by day and is not beneficial to the low privileged people, there is a need for the growth of telemedicine. If the patients can get treatment from their home and get valuable support and adequate information from the healthcare systems, it will be great. The advantages are enormous, and telemedicine should be globally spread for not only up-gradation of the medical system but also technology.

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