Is Simultaneous Interpretation the best choice for you?


Interpretation is the process of relaying oral information from one language to another in real-time. Interpretation happens on the spot, and the transformation happens within seconds. Most of the time there are people from different language backgrounds involved in every conference. Interpreting services are required to make it feasible for everyone to understand what is happening.

6 Different Key Types Of Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation:

As a term implies, simultaneous interpretation is the type of interpretation where the interpreter translates the words as soon as possible. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter gets five to ten seconds to translate, while the speaker is already delivering the next sentence. Sometimes the interpreter needs to be quick to guess some of the following terms to keep the speech flowing.


Consecutive Interpretation:

Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter gets some time to translate the speaker’s words. In this type of interpretation, the speaker and the interpreter collaborate. The speaker takes small pauses to let the interpreter translate the speech before the following sentence is delivered.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter takes notes to translate the full speech accurately once a passage of the speech is finished. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter often needs to translate the speech once the speaker is done with delivering the entire speech.

Whispered Interpretation:

The literal meaning of the term whispered interpretation, is “speaking” directly in the listener’s ear without disturbing other people. In actual whispered interpretation, the translation is done for a small audience and sometimes even for one or two listeners.

Over The Phone Interpretation:

Over the phone interpretation is  interpretation that is done over a phone call. All parties are not required to have any direct contact. It can be used for international business meetings, purchasing, negotiation and other purposes, the sky’s the limit.

Video Interpretation:

Video interpretation is similar to phone interpretation. The interpreter uses web cameras or mobile phone cameras to connect with the clients over video calls.

Relay Interpretation:

Relay interpretation is the type of interpretation where more than one interpreter is involved. For example, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at the same time. In relay interpretation, the first interpreter translates the speaker’s language into the target language. The second interpreter translates the first interpreter’s translated version into another target language.

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