How can Medical Alert Devices benefit you in 2022?


The health and safety of your loved ones are even more significant in the new year 2022. The key to keeping them happy, protected, and confident is investing in health monitoring units. Technology has made nearly everything possible. One of the best technical inventions is the medical alert devices. 


There are a number of manufacturers out there that are producing high-quality medical alert systems. They come at a varied price range and offer a varied number of features.

What are Medical Alert Devices?

A medical alarm solution is a gadget that a senior person can wear on the body. This system offers a button that the elderly can press when they suspect a health emergency or fall. The system provides continuous service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In an emergency, you can expect a team of healthcare professionals and an ambulance at your location. 

Top benefits of a Medical Alert Devices

If you are thinking why you should buy a medical safety device and how it can help you, then here is what you need to know:

  • Fall detection: One of the biggest dangers in old age is falling. The fall detection button is the best feature of this solution. Once the elderly press the button, it automatically contacts the health care specialists. The switch also auto-detects the fall and connects the user with any assistance. 
  • Call button: These devices have a call button. If the senior presses this call button, they can speak directly to the specialist and seek immediate help.
  • Circular light: Circular light is a well-thought feature. There is a light around the button in the device that helps you know about an ongoing call. The light button also makes you aware that it is time to charge the pendant as it has run out of battery.
  • Microphone and speaker: Another feature of this gadget is a microphone and speaker that allows the user to speak with a doctor. This feature helps seniors to get a piece of advice at home. 
  • Water-resistant: The device makers ensured that if the water seeps into the device for a short period, it does not cease the gadget’s functioning. If the elderly take a bath while wearing the widget, do not worry. This showerproof or water-resistant device keeps up its good work if it drops into a water body up to a meter deep.
  • Reliable network: Most medical alert devices work on the most reliable Verizon 4G LTE network offering continuous and wide coverage. 
  • 2-way voice pendant: Some devices provide a call feature that enables crystal-clear audio. When the senior is speaking to the live agent, powerful 2-way audio will allow the user to hear all of the Emergency Care Instructions even in the compromised situation. Also, the live agents remain with you online for mental support until the first responders arrive at the location.
  • Cellular triangulation: GPS & cellular triangulation empowers the support team to find if the senior is at home or somewhere outside. After knowing the same, the health facility quickly sends a team of professionals.
  • Wi-fi location: Medical Alert devices are perfect for seniors because they can find wifi hotspots around them. Wifi Hotspot helps the care specialists to find the exact user location during an emergency and send instantaneous help to the user’s home, market, mall, etc.
  • Can be used by Injured and recovering: One of the most important features of this device is that it is also a perfect option for injured and recovering. People who have been through a chronic condition and trauma can use this device to remain under supervision and care. Many visually impaired and handicapped have already been using this device.
  • Instills Confidence: An elderly, disabled, or sick person needs a loved one at home for care and guidance. If a senior has been living alone unsupervised, it is worrying for both the elderly and the family member. — To evade this stress and anxiety and improve your peace of mind, it is imperative to use this gadget. When you have these systems, you do not need to be nervous as it is always available for help and support. So, stop imagining the worst and focus on your work.
  • Affordable: If you think owning this gadget will be a big blow to your pocket, then it is essential to know that the alert systems are pretty affordable. You get 24/7 monitoring and protection for the older adult at your home at a reasonable price. There is no burning a hole in your pocket, and you do not need to pay a hefty fee.
  • Offer Independence: One of the most adored benefits of this alert system – it allows the seniors to stay alone and carry out their daily activities with confidence. The gadget offers the elderly a chance to maintain their independence. The family members can also enjoy their life and freedom as they do not have to rush home to ensure their loved one’s safety.

Medical Alert Device by Family1st

Family1st is a leading and reputed brand specializing in offering complete protection and safety for seniors to kids. The focus on customer service and easy gadget set-up differentiate the company from others. With the Family1st medical alert device, you don’t have to worry about your seniors and their whereabouts.

Family1st offers Belle, along with Medical Alert for Seniors, at a reasonable and fair price. The machine equips the users with Fall Detection and GPS technology to trace the exact live location of the user – be it home or outside in the market.

Family1st medical alert system features include:

  • 2-way voice pendant
  • Fall Detection button
  • GPS technology
  • It works on the most reliable network – Verizon 4G LTE.
  • Once you order the gadget, you can receive the machine within two to five days without shipping charges.
  • The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee too.
  • The device is tiny and lightweight.
  • It is comfortable to wear and carry.
  • There are various alert buttons such as Power Off, Low Battery, and Dispatch Alert.
  • The users get 24*7 Email Support.

We have suggested our top medical alert device to you but it is for you to find and choose a medical alert device that suits and fits your needs and budget. 

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