Is It Safe To Travel Around The USA?

Updated on September 2, 2020

In terms of a variety of infections and diseases, the United States is a fairly safe country, especially when compared to South or Central America. However, states such as Florida or Louisiana are at risk of contracting malaria from mosquito bites. In addition, other unpleasant creatures can be found in this region, such as poisonous Portuguese ships off the coast of Florida, whose bites can be dangerous to humans and can cause severe burns. Fire ants are dangerous on Earth – poisonous insects, the consequences of bites of which may not last for months, and for particularly sensitive people it sometimes ends in death.

In addition to traditional hotels, motels and hostels in the U.S. you can find several other curious accommodation options that will certainly interest a real tourist. For those who are looking for the charm of wildlife, camping will be suitable, and who is attracted to rest on the seaside, he can rent a small beach house, apartment or condo with an access to college paper writing service to both travel and study. In the east, it is possible to fall prey to tick bites that are carriers of Lyme disease; it is also worth worrying about ‘black widows’, small spiders whose bites can sometimes be fatal (although an antidote is already available so the risk of death is minimized).

In desert states like Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, especially when walking in National Parks (for example, on a descent to the Grand Canyon), one should be wary of scorpions, spiders and snakes, many of which can be poisonous. The coyotes found in this area are not dangerous for humans.

In general, when going to nature, you should stock up on a variety of mosquito sprays and other repellents. In natural areas and national parks of states such as California, Wyoming, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, it is not so difficult to meet boars, wolves, jackals and bears, which are obviously dangerous for humans. In this case, you should always listen to the guides’ advice.

The U.S. health care system is quite developed, and the assistance is quick and qualified, but the cost of medical services is very high. There is no point in coming to the United States without insurance, so you should buy an insurance policy with at least $300,000 coverage in advance. Medical care will be provided in any case, and only after the patient will be presented with a bill, which is unlikely to please him. That is why it is easier in the United States not to get sick at all, and it is easier to observe all necessary preventive and precautionary measures.

You can call an ambulance at the 911 emergency number. In this case, an ambulance will come to get the person and take him to the nearest hospital. As for medicines, in the U.S., their cost is quite high, and local pharmacists are often not familiar with European counterparts of American medicines. However, it is worth knowing in advance if it is possible to bring certain drugs into the country – the laws here are quite strict.

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