Innovations in Skincare Regimen

Updated on September 2, 2020

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Yet, somehow, only a few people are aware of how to take care of it. Skincare is now given more thought thanks to the advancement of technology. People get encouraged to try different methods for achieving healthier skin. Are you aware of such innovations? Here are some of them:

Well-formulated Products

Skincare products took a turn from being simple cleansing products to more. Formulations now focus on more things that a product can do for your skin. For example, an effective whitening body scrub does not only promise a fairer skin. It also acts as a gentle exfoliant and a good antioxidant.

Companies nowadays understand that skincare is more than topical. They do extensive research on how to cater to skin health, treating problems at the core. This leaves customers more satisfied. They have raised awareness of what their skin needs. In turn, they feel encouraged to find products that best suits their skin.

Easy-to-use Devices

Gone are the days when caring for one’s skin means going to the dermatologist. There are many handheld devices available in the market. Anyone can avail of such and use it in the comfort of their homes.

These apparatuses can help any person to establish a good skincare routine. They can deal with many skin issues such as large pores, dryness of skin, and uneven pigmentation. These devices help to make skin looking younger and firmer. They can also perform deep cleaning action that a normal wash cannot do.

The key is to understand the functions of each and decide what your skin needs. Also, some of these gadgets need to be paired with skincare products for the best results.

Accessible Consultations

What can your phone camera do for your skin? Is it to use apps as a filter to make you look more pleasing in your photos? These might be what others are doing. But there are more things that you can achieve for your skin using a high-quality camera phone.

You can have personalized apps that work on certain algorithms for your skin. They can analyze the condition of your skin by simple questions asked or a selfie that you take. The same apps can suggest products that will work best for your skin.

If you do not want to rely on apps, conducting consultations via your phone is also a viable option. You can now talk with a skin expert without having to leave home. They can assess your skin issues by an exchange of clear photos or even videos.

Non-invasive Procedures

When skincare is only starting in the medical field, surgeries were the trend. These procedures can leave someone with adverse side effects. Patients can experience some puffiness, prolonged recovery time, discomfort, and even sagging skin. But as technology advances, many non-invasive procedures become available. Laser treatments are among the most popular. One can now have a procedure for a few hours and come out feeling refreshed as if nothing happened.

People are now giving skincare more thought. This change is a good one. Taking care of one’s skin is not for vanity only. It is part of one’s holistic health.

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