Is CBD Vaping Good for Your Health?

If you have been searching for information  on the health benefits of vaping CBD, you will know that there are many different points of view. What we will say in the first instance is that the great numbers of CBD users who lay claim to its benefits cannot be overlooked, even though CBD has yet to be ratified as a health product. User testimony, then, points in its favour. If you already vape and are considering vaping CBD, it may be for health reasons, so before we go on to talk about vaping in more detail, let’s mention some of the ailments and problems it is said to help with.

What the Users Say

As we said above, a great number of CBD users report regularly on its benefits in a variety of areas of personal health. For example, many sufferers of chronic pain – perhaps brought about by ongoing diseases or conditions – vape CBD to successfully alleviate pain, with more success – they testify – than other painkillers.

Other users vape CBD e-liquid for anxiety, and also to alleviate depression, and again report great success. Others use it for help with sleep disorders, and it is also said to be beneficial to the skin. In the world of medical research, continued laboratory research into the properties of CBD – which is just one of more than 100 compounds that can be extracted from the cannabis plant – is ongoing, with some promising results. 

In one recent study involving mice, CBD was reported to apparently stunt the growth of cancer cells. Claims such as this, however, should be read with care as they are yet to be proven and repeated, although it is so that some in the industry are confident that CBD does have more potent properties than already discovered – as do other compounds of the cannabis plant – and believe that a breakthrough in its use for medicinal purposes is not far away. 

To summarise this section, while CBD is not yet a proven medicinal aid in the eyes of the medical fraternity, there are promising signs that it may be of use. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of users of CBD report that it helps with pain relief, combats anxiety and depression, and can be of use for many other ailments and conditions. 

How to Vape CBD

So, you know that there is evidence from many users that CBD has health benefits in various ways, and perhaps you are looking for help with, for example, chronic pain? Is vaping CBD the way to go? CBD is certainly worth trying, but if you’re concerned about vaping, let is reassure you it is safe. We recommend you use a CBD vape pen to begin with, and good vape shops know that a high quality CBD vape pen is equally important to the user as good quality CBD e-liquids. What is a vape pen, and why do we recommend it?

Put simply, it’s the easiest form of vaping equipment for the user to get to grips with, and the cheapest too. A vape pen is a long, thin device that contains a battery, an ‘atomizer’ and a reservoir for the e-liquid, as well as the mouthpiece you inhale through. The battery heats the atomizer – which is a tiny yet powerful heating element – to a temperature that vaporizes the e-liquid, and you inhale the vapor, with the CBD content going straight through your lungs and into the system; it’s quick, simple and effective.

Vaping CBD can potentially provide relief from pain and many more health problems, so why not check out a reputable retailer now and get advice on the best starter kit for you.

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