Interesting Facts About The US Pet Industry By State

Updated on January 22, 2022

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Today, our pets are equal to a beloved family member. We talk to our pets, they keep us company, we feed them, treat them as our best friends, and give them plenty of affection. Having a pet can improve our mood, relieve our stress levels and be a good cure for loneliness by keeping us company.

Most people boost their mood when surrounded by pets, so we know that there are immediate short-term benefits, both physiological and psychological, of spending time with them.

We’re all aware of the positive things that a pet brings us, so in this article, we’ll instead share interesting facts about the US pet industry by state.

Safest US State For Pets

If you’re a pet parent, you might be curious as to what the most compassionate place is for animals in the US. Certain parameters such as percentage of friendly apartments, pet population, tether, and anti-cruelty are taken into consideration and used to rank the most pet-friendly states.

Places that have pet-friendly apartments are highly convenient for pet owners as it allows you to have a furry companion and find other people who own pets too. With this, the chances of parks, trails, and restaurants that allow animals inside are more likely to be available.

So, if you wonder what state is the safest when it comes to animals, Washington is on top of the list with a community that cares about animals and protects them with laws against cruelty, people leaving pets in cars, tethering, and possession of animal fighting paraphernalia.

The residents in this state show love and affection towards their pets, mainly by putting their health and well-being as their priority and having them covered with the best pet insurance in Washington state. They’re much aware that protecting their four-legged friends from unexpected and unfortunate events is a great asset to get peace of mind and live happily.

The State With The Most Pet Owners


An astounding 67 percent of all US households, that is, around 85 million families have a pet, shows the National Pet Owners Survey for 2019-2020 conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). 

If you’re looking to relocate to a state where you’ll be surrounded by other dog lovers, or live in a pet-friendly neighborhood that caters to pet owners, you might ask which states have the most pet owners.

Data from the U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), shows that the state of Arkansas tops the charts with most households that own a dog while Rhode Island trails behind with the fewest pet-owning households. Vermont, on the other hand, is the place where there is the highest percentage of households that have cats.

The AVMA believes the type of residences that are most common in the particular state plays a big role in this and that rural and suburban dwellings show higher numbers of household pets while urban states like New York have fewer furry residents.

The State Spending the Most On Pets

You can’t put a price tag on the love that owners have for their pet but we’re all keen to know what state spends the most money on their best friend. Your pet can be your best but also your most expensive friend.

For most people, buying a pet is an investment in joy and friendship.  But you should know what the costs are for different pets before deciding to get one.

Besides the purchase price, there are a number of other expenses you should be aware of. Routine expenses like food, veterinary care, grooming, toys, crates, and medical costs are the usual costs associated with owning a pet if you want to keep the animal healthy and happy.

Arizona is on top of the list as the state with the biggest spending animal lovers. It truly dotes upon its furry friends as inhabitants go the extra mile for them.

The Best Dog And Cat State

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Everyone’s different so naturally, there are dog people and there are cat people. 

If you wonder which of these animals reigns supreme by state, according to the AVMA pet population data, there’s a prevalence of cat owners in the US with Massachusetts with almost 2 times more cats than dogs. Arkansas, on the other hand, leads in the ratio of dogs to cats.  


We all know that pets bring joy to our lives. That’s why it’s interesting to learn about which is the safest place in the US for pets, the state with the most pet-loving residents and the one that spends the most money on these lovely creatures. 

Knowing this only increases the love towards our pets and makes us value them even more.

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