6 Myths Busted About Counselling Services and Places Providing it in Singapore

Updated on January 22, 2022

Various misconceptions are circling when it comes to counselling. When we have a fever or stomach ache, we all seek medical attention, yet somehow, when it comes to counselling, we hesitate. Why is it so? Why is counselling taboo in many Asian countries?

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 affected our health physically and has also created mental health issues among people in Singapore. The work from home culture, maintaining social distance or being away from family or relatives has built stress and tension among young professionals in Singapore. Not just this, it has been disclosed by the health organisation of Singapore that they had received surplus calls from people all across Singapore regarding anxiety issues, stress and tension.

Considering this, the government and many health organisations come forward to help people. However, people still get scared or feel overwhelmed when it comes to counselling services in Singapore.

There are various stigma around mental health such as people will judge if they come to know that you are looking for counselling services in Singapore.

Counsellors help to keep mental health in check.

Myths About Counselling Services in Singapore

Now, let’s focus on myths that revolve around counselling services in Singapore.

1. Counselling Are For Someone With Serious Mental Illness

The first myth about counselling services in Singapore is that it is for someone that has serious mental health issues like suicidal thoughts or depression. But that’s not true; anybody can take counselling. It is a process that keeps your mental health in check. One can take counselling services in Singapore at any stage of their life. Whether you are trying to cope in new cities or going through a bad breakup, counsellors help you deal with problems more maturely. Not just this, many schools in Singapore also offer counselling to help students address their issues.

2. Counselling Is All About Talking

The second myth about counselling is that it is just talking. You are spilling your beans in front of a random stranger that is sitting in front of you. That is baseless; counselling is a profound process. A counsellor helps you to understand what is bothering you and how to overcome it. It is a process of decluttering the emotional burden that is bothering you.

3. Taking Counselling Is A Sign of Weakness

People don’t seek counselling services in Singapore or any other part of the world because it is considered a sign of weakness. Many people think if you let your emotions out or cry about things, this means you are too fragile. But it is not at all true. Taking counselling means you are strong and courageous enough to face your vulnerabilities. It simply means you are not ashamed about looking after your mental well-being, and you will do anything to make yourself happy.

4. Counselling Is Expensive

Often people think that taking counselling is the business of wealthy people. Middle-class families can’t afford to have counsellors. They use money as a pass to get away with counselling. However, to help many individuals out in Singapore, the government has started free sessions. And even paid counselling services in Singapore charge reasonable prices. When it comes to physical health, we don’t think twice but somehow before seeking mental health, we love to contemplate. 

5. Counselling Means You’ll Be on Pills

Most people think once you start taking counselling services in Singapore, there is no end to it. It will go forever, and you will be on medication for life. But that’s all bogus. Examining the problem at hand, psycho-education, providing insights into distinctive behaviours and mindsets, and providing the patient with skills to adjust to generate positive outcomes are all standard aspects of a counselling session. Counsellors don’t prescribe pills, so you don’t have to worry about the pill part.

6. Counselling Will Magically Solve All Your Problems

Most people who take counselling services in Singapore think that if they had started taking counselling sessions, all their problems would vanish in no time. However, that’s not true. Counselling is a process, and it takes time. And if you think it is a magic wand then let us burst that bubble for you. The counsellor only suggests ways to navigate through difficult circumstances and how to handle a challenging situation. They can only help you if you want to help yourself.

Things to Consider Before Joining Counselling Services in Singapore

When it comes to seeking counsellors, you will find a plethora of options. All you have to do is search for the counsellor in your area on Google, and it will provide you with plenty of options. However, the choosing part is difficult for many people out there as they don’t know what to look for and whatnot.

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Counsellors address the issue using the holistic approach that is best for the clients.

So below, we have jotted down some considerations that might help you select the best counselling service in Singapore.

  • It is always helpful to read about the counsellor credential and work before taking a counselling session. Many counsellors used to have their website or directory. So just read about their approaches and methodologies.
  • The information shared in the counselling session can’t be used against you at any point. Almost every counsellor will discuss the boundaries of confidentiality in the starting session itself. So you don’t have to worry about information getting out.
  • It is better to open up and be frank in counselling sessions. Counsellors can only help you if you want to help yourself. They can’t read minds, so if you don’t discuss problems with them, they can’t help you. 
  • If you have any queries or doubts in the session, it is best to ask away. You don’t have to keep it by yourself. If you think the methodology he/she is using is not working for you, you are allowed to say so. It is good to voice out your opinion.
  • If you are taking counselling sessions for an instant fix, you need to think twice before investing your money. The process of counselling takes time and demands vital patience.

That’s it! Counselling is the first step towards living a better life, and you should not have to feel ashamed about it. Mental health is essential, and there is no shame in seeking help. With that in mind, book your appointment for a counselling session in Singapore.

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