Importance of Technology to Healthcare

Updated on January 19, 2020

Healthcare is one of the common and sought after industry. A lot has changed over the years. All done to ensure that there is better performance in healthcare for the human race. It also includes providing that the drugs dispensed and used are issued using the same technology. It helps in stocktaking and knowing when to stock. Most institutions have adapted to technology, and they can assist all their patients.

There are several reasons why it is vital to adapt to technology in the healthcare industry.

  • There is efficiency, enjoy real-time recording, and it is accessible to all. You do not need to keep checking on the chart form all the time. All the medical records are available in the cloud. It is considered safer, and it is shared over a secured shared network and accessible via most digital devices. There is real and comprehensive data in EHR. There are better communication features, giving security notifications, the capability to report, and accessibility to several remote locations. When there is a critical patient, the ability to take action is improved. All this was impossible before the influx of technology. 
  • There is better data analysis for clinical treatment. With technology, you can use enough data, extraordinarily patient care management. There are constant updates on the internet. It is also possible to get access to proficient reference materials. There are several devices; some can help in transmitting blood glucose levels and weight. You will be able to know about different exercises and sleep patterns. There is the ability to synchronize all the information with Big Data and generate reports and other analyses. It creates population trends and gaps in care management. When using technology with analysis, it can sort out excellent practices and outcome optimization for both economic and clinical references. Some of the data may have a negative impact; it can deliver better care.
  • Technology had improved medication. It had brought several digital checks; this helps in alerting clinicians when they are doing their prescriptions. It also helps to know of any allergies that patients will have, a computerized physician order entry used for alerting EHR. Technology has replaced human memory and automated everything to save lives.
  • With technology, it is possible to reconcile medication. With automated EHR, it offers electronic tools for reconciliation. It is the only way to maintain an accurate and reliable medication list. It will be easier to reconcile and check the medication and follow up on a patient’s journey easily. The first generation of technology is the right step for healthcare. The only problem is that they do not offer medicine from outside the network or system. The accuracy will depend on the patient’s memory. The visits to the emergency room are considered tricky; this is because of getting the accurate medicine list that the patient takes. With new technology like Cureatr Meds360, it is easier to get a reliable and comprehensive list. Meds360 will have a list of all pick-ups and dosage in real-time. All that delivered on the visual display, it will ensure that all the results are visible. The platform is effective; it does not depend on patient memory, HER data, or any prescribing network. The data will come from fulfillment feeds from the pharmacy and pick up dates, missed refills, or dosage refills. You will be able to get transparent and accurate regimes. There is also high-quality communication and connectivity. Care managers and physicians can communicate well about doctor visits even after discharge. Some apps will send reminders to patients to ask questions during the healing process. The online platform will give access to records and medication histories.

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