Immune Defense Review: Everything You need to Know!

Updated on July 24, 2020

In these uncertain times, it is important for us to build up our immune systems. This can be hard when every day we have to go back to work, go to grocery stores, and even go back to school. Thankfully, there are options available to help our immune system.

Immune boosters have been used for years to ensure your immune system is strong for flu and cold seasons and to help if you do happen to get sick. 

In this article, we will be reviewing Immune Defense, and you can decide if it is right for you. 

Who Should Use Immune Defense?

Immune Defense is a great way to build your immune system and for your whole family. If you have a low immune system and often see yourself getting sick during cold and flu season, this is the right product for you. 

If you have a strong immune system but are worried it is not strong enough given these uncertain times, you can also use this product without fear of having negative side effects. 

It is especially good for teenagers, as they have lower immune systems from stress levels and sitting in desks all day. 

Immune Defense lozenges are available for those over the age of 12. However, they do have an option if you are worried about your little ones. 

The gummies that Immune Defense offers are suitable for children 4 and older, so you will not have to fight your children to take medicine to strengthen their immune system.  

Immune Defense Review: Brand Overview

Immune Defense is trusted by many that are trying to support their immune systems. They use all-natural ingredients to ensure that their products are safe to use for everyone. They are even vegan safe, so they can be included in anyone’s daily routine. 

Immune Defense also ensures that all of their ingredients are backed by scientific research, so there is no second-guessing if the product is really helping you.

Immune Defense is based in the UK. They use all-natural ingredients, ensuring the quality of their products. Their ingredients are found in the UK, so the company ensures that the quality of their ingredients is up to standard to be used in their products. 

Pros and Cons


  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Ingredients are scientifically backed
  • Vegan friendly
  • Great for the whole family 
  • Options available for younger children


  • Take 4 lozenges a day
  • Lozenges not suitable for those younger than 12 years of age 


Rose Hips Flowers

Rose hips flowers have been known to supply the body with vitamins C and E. The two components are essential in the body’s immune system to function normally. 

It has also been known to help with digestive issues, anti-inflammatory response, and even cancer. Rose hips flowers have also been known to help the immune system when it is under stress. Rose hips flowers can help teenagers and adults who are overly stressed. 

When you are under stress, your immune system is weakened and is more susceptible to illnesses. So, this particular ingredient is able to help getting your immune system back to its normal function, which is really important. When your immune system is stronger, you will be able to fight off flu or cold symptoms easily.  

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc has been known to help the body’s immune system. It is also important in the role of fighting the common cold and other ailments. Zinc is found in many over the counter medicines for the flu and for the common cold. 

Zinc is also known to help with the anti-inflammatory response. When you are sick, your body can overreact to a virus, which causes your cells to be inflamed and you to feel worse. 

If you use zinc, it will reduce this inflammatory reaction and block the virus cells from reproducing further into your body. Zinc is also used if you are overly stressed, which can weaken your immune system. 

Acerola Powder

Acerola powder is derived from fruits and is full of antioxidants that can help your immune system. It has over ten times more antioxidants and vitamins than oranges and lemons, which are recommended fruits when you are suffering from a cold or low immune system. 

Acerola provides vitamins A, C, and E to your body, which are essential for a healthy immune system function. It will ensure that your body is at full potential with your immune system, and you will not get sick as easily. 

Oil of Aniseed

Oil of aniseed has been used for hundreds of years in treating diseases. With scientific research, they have found that oil of aniseed helps build the immune system as an antioxidant-rich ingredient that also works as an antiviral. 

It also helps fight symptoms of the common cold and the flu, allowing your body to recover from the illness faster. 


Elderberry has been used for years to support the immune system. Elderberry is packed with antioxidants and helps as an antiviral ingredient. It is also known to stop flu symptoms in 3-4 days. 

Elderberry is used to help the anti-inflammatory response, which can be in hyperdrive when you are sick and worsens your symptoms. By decreasing the inflammation, you will not feel your symptoms as long or as harshly, and it will allow your body to recover more easily. 

It is only present in the kids’ gummies. The gummies make it easier to make sure your kids are building their immune systems without forcing them to drink elderberry syrup. 

All of the other ingredients in the product, such as sugar, is to have the lozenge in its form and to ensure that it is top-quality for consumption. 

The other ingredients in the gummies, such as glucose and flavoring, are to put the immune system in a gummy form and ensure that the taste is palatable for children. 

The flavors are also naturally sourced from fruits, such as blueberries, to ensure that the product is safe to use even if you have an allergy to artificial flavors.

How Does Immune Defense Work?

Immune Defense works by using a combination of scientifically backed ingredients to help the immune system and fight flu and colds. The use of Immune Defense will strengthen your immune system with the use of all-natural ingredients and is completely safe. 

They are also FDA certified so you can further ensure that your product is safe to use. Their products are also vegan and vegetarian friendly, so you can strengthen your immune system no matter your dietary needs. 

If you do happen to get sick, the ingredients in Immune Defense also combats the virus or cold that you have. It makes your immune system not weaken as much as it would without the aid of an immune system booster. 

Zinc, in particular, is essential for fighting illnesses such as the flu. It also helps you get rid of any illness faster, so you will be feeling better in no time. 

Benefits of Using Immune Defense

As seen, by using Immune Defense, your immune system will be stronger, and thus you will not be sick as often. It also has ingredients, such as zinc, that help ward off symptoms if you do get sick. 

It helps your immune system remain strong even with something trying to bring it down. You will be able to go to work with less worry of getting sick and have an ease of mind when cold and flu season starts.

Also, unlike other immune system builders, they do not use any unnatural or unnecessary ingredients in their products, so you do not have to worry about putting any unsafe materials into your body. 

All of the ingredients have been used for hundreds of years to ward off viruses and illnesses. They are also scientifically researched and backed, so it is proven to help your immune system instead of guessing what is good for your body. 

With FDA approval, you can ensure that this product is safe to use. FDA approval is essential for any vitamin to be completely safe for mass consumption. 

Side Effects of Using Immune Defense

Since Immune Defense is only made of natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help with building the immune system, there are no known side effects for the product. 

Their customers are happy with the product and have nothing but good things to say. The only downside of Immune Defense would be the dose, but no side effects are seen. 

Who Should Refrain from Using Immune Defense?

As mentioned, Immune Defense is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12 unless you are using the gummies, which are approved for those 4 or older. If you have any allergies to the product, you should not use it. 

Also, those with underlying health issues should talk with their doctor before using the product. If you have any allergies after beginning to use Immune Defense, you should stop using the product and contact your doctor. If you have any adverse reactions to the product, stop using it immediately, and contact your doctor.

You can have allergies to the rose hips flowers that are used in the product and the elderberry in the kids’ gummies. If you are afraid you might have an adverse reaction to the product, you should talk to your doctor before using the product.

Underlying health conditions can be affected by any type of medicine. In some cases, natural ingredients can actually worsen your condition instead of helping it. 

If you notice your condition worsening, stop use immediately, and talk to your doctor. You should contact your doctor before trying any type of medicine if you have a pre-existing health condition to ensure the product is right for you.

Dosage and Tips to Start

If you have a low immune system, Immune Defense is right for you, especially in these uncertain times. It is crucial to make your immune system stronger to avoid getting sick with the common cold or the flu.  

Immune Defense offers both gummies and lozenges. The lozenges are recommended for those that are over the age of 12 and are easy to use if you do not like taking pills. 

All you have to do is take 4 lozenges, one every two hours. It is like a hard candy, so it is easy to take. Do not take more than the recommended dosage.  

If you have a little one, do not fret! Immune Defense also offers gummies that are suitable for those 4 years of age and older. The gummies are flavored, so you will not have to fight your child to take their immune booster. 

They also make it easier for children who do not like taking medicine. No matter the situation, make sure that you never take the recommended dose.

Do not take more than 4 lozenges a day. If you are starting to take Immune Defense, you can take 2 a day to get used to the routine. 

It is important to never exceed the recommended dosage, as it has only the recommended amount of vitamins approved by scientists and health officials. 

You suck on the lozenges, making them easier to take than a pill. It allows the vitamins to be absorbed by your body properly.  

 The gummies offered by Immune Defense are perfect for children who do not like to take medication. Never take more than the recommended dosage, which is 2 gummies a day. If there are any allergies, contact your doctor. 

They are suitable for children who are over the age of 4. The recommended dose is 2 gummies a day, and they are easy to chew. Since they are flavorful, children will not have an issue taking 2 gummies a day. 

To get the full potential and benefits from Immune Defense, take the recommended dose. With any of the products, you can cut the dosage in half if you wish. However, it is important for any product to never take more than the recommended dose. 

It is highly recommended that you not take another immune booster while taking Immune Defense to ensure that you will not get ill from overconsumption of vitamins such as C and E.

Where to Buy Immune Defense and Guarantees?

Immune Defense is available from many online drug retailers. The most trusted way to purchase Immune Defense is through their website. 

Immune Defense offers bulk buying. You can purchase a 3-month supply or a 5-month supply for the lozenges, ideal if you are purchasing for family use. The Immune Defense gummies are also available to buy in bulk. 

You can buy a 3-month supply or a 5-month supply, suitable if you have multiple children. Of course, if you are just trying the product, you should only purchase a single bottle for use. 

If you buy bulk, you can save money. After you fall in love with the product after your first purchase, you can bulk buy to save your hard-earned money while also building your immune system effectively. 

For refunds, if you are not happy with your product, you have a 100-day guarantee to return any unopened product. However, the refund policy is only available for purchases over a one-month supply and if the bottle is not opened. 

Conclusion: Should You Go for Immune Defence this Season?

If you are worried about your immune system health in these uncertain times, that is completely understandable. The best way to help this issue is to take an immune system booster.

Immune Defense is one of the best options for boosting your immune system. Using all-natural ingredients and being vegan friendly, there is no reason to feel unsafe while taking this product. There is even an option available for kids 4 years and older. 

Immune Defense only uses ingredients backed by scientific research to boost your immune system. 

The ingredients in their products are scientifically backed and have also been used for years to improve immune system health and help fight the common cold and flu symptoms. Their products are also all FDA approved, so you have nothing to worry about when using this product. 

If you question if Immune Defense is right for you after reading this article, you can talk to your doctor to see if you recommend taking an immune booster. 

If you have a pre-existing or underlying health issue, you should speak with your doctor before using this product. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, you should not use this product.

We highly recommend Immune Defense to boost your immune system and to help with your health efficiently. It is safe for the family and can help you no matter what your situation is. 

If you are a teenager, it can help your immune system that is under a lot of stress with school. If you are middle-aged and are worried about your immune system health, Immune Defense will help your immune system be stronger. 

Overall, Immune Defense is an excellent product for the whole family to use for immune system health.

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