How Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Can Help You Choose the Right Career

Updated on April 12, 2023

Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type? It’s a popular personality assessment that can tell you a lot about yourself.

According to the test, there are 16 different personality types. Each type is associated with different characteristics and traits. It’s important to consider your Myers-Briggs type when it comes to choosing a career path. Understanding what your Myers-Briggs type might say about the kind of career that would be best for you is important for making an informed decision.

ISTJ (Inspector)

Those with an ISTJ personality type are often independent and detail-oriented. They prefer to work alone and enjoy order and structure. For instance, they might be attracted to careers in engineering or accounting.

ESFJ (Consul)

People with an ESFJ personality type are often sociable and enjoy working with others. They tend to have strong communication skills and prefer jobs that involve interacting with people. For example, they might like jobs in customer service or social work.

INTP (Logician)

Those with an INTP personality type often enjoy activities that require logic and problem-solving skills and abstract reasoning, which is important for high scores on the Raven IQ test or similar tests. They prefer to work independently, so they may be attracted to professions like IT or software engineering.

ENFP (Campaigner)

Individuals with an ENFP personality type have a great deal of creativity and enthusiasm. They enjoy working on projects that involve collaboration and innovation. Careers in the arts, advertising, or marketing may be a good fit for them.

ENTJ (Commander)

People with an ENTJ personality type are often natural leaders. They have excellent organizational skills and enjoy taking charge of a situation. Careers in management or business may work for them.

ISFJ (Defender)

Those with an ISFJ personality type are often patient and good-natured. They prefer to focus on the details rather than the big picture. Careers that involve helping people, such as nursing or teaching, may be suitable for them.

INFJ (Advocate)

Individuals with an INFJ personality type are often deep thinkers and compassionate. They enjoy working on meaningful projects that allow them to express their creativity, which makes careers in psychology, social work, or counseling may be a good fit.

ENFJ (Protagonist)

People with an ENFJ personality type are often energetic and great at building relationships. They prefer jobs that involve making a positive impact and helping others. Careers in public relations, social media management, or human resources may be suitable for them.

ENTP (Debater)

Individuals with an ENTP personality type are often curious and independent. They enjoy taking risks and challenging the status quo. Careers in entrepreneurship or technology may be a good fit for them. On top of that, those with an ENTP personality type may also benefit from doing freelance work.

ISFP (Adventurer)

People with an ISFP personality type are often creative and spontaneous. They prefer to take a hands-on approach and enjoy activities that involve physical or artistic expression. Careers in design, photography, or the arts may be suitable for them.

INTJ (Architect)

Individuals with an INTJ personality type are often analytical and independent. They enjoy working on projects that require strategy and creative problem-solving. Careers in science, engineering, or finance may be a good fit for them.

ESTP (Entrepreneur)

Those with an ESTP personality type are often outgoing and independent. They enjoy taking risks and challenging the status quo. Careers in business, finance, or sales may be suitable for them.

INFP (Mediator)

People with an INFP personality type are often imaginative and sensitive. They prefer to work on projects that allow them to be creative and express themselves. Careers in writing, counseling, or art may be suitable for them.

ESTJ (Executive)

Individuals with an ESTJ personality type are often organized and hardworking. They enjoy taking charge of a situation and prefer working in a team. Careers in management, business, or human resources may be be ideal for them.

ISTP (Virtuoso)

Those with an ISTP personality type are often logical and independent. They tend to be more hands-on and prefer to work on projects that require problem-solving. Careers in engineering, IT, or mechanics may work for them.

ESFP (Entertainer)

People with an ESFP personality type are often enthusiastic and outgoing. They enjoy working in fast-paced environments and prefer activities that involve physical or creative expression. Careers in the entertainment industry, marketing, or hospitality may be suitable for them.

Last Thoughts

Choosing a career that best matches your personality type can help you find more success and fulfillment in your work. Consider what skills, traits, and interests you have that could be useful in a specific job or field. Once you identify these, explore different occupations to find one that is a good fit for you. Talk to a career counselor or take a personality test if you need help figuring out what kind of job is right for you. With enough research and commitment, you can find the perfect career that brings out the best in you.

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