How to write your Medical School Interview Thank you mail?

Updated on February 14, 2022

A career in the medical field can shape your entire professional life by offering you a fulfilling career. Getting a seat in the best medical school may be challenging, but if you are reading this article, congratulations because you are in the process of getting selected in a medical school. Every step is crucial when you are seeking admission to pursue a medical program. Thus, in this article, we will discuss sending a Thank You mail which is an important part of your medical school interviews. It may seem a minor detail, but nothing can be ignored because a small point can make a big difference.

Do you know that sending an interview Thank You mail in island medical school can maximize your chances of getting selected for a medical program? Island medical schools in the Caribbean are emerging as the best alternative to pursue a medical degree. The island medical schools are gaining popularity because it offers medical education equivalent to the academically leading countries like the US and Canada. These island medical school also offers a higher acceptance rate than many other medical colleges. 

To write a structured email, a student must follow specific steps to create a mail that can be impactful. Read this article to learn how to write an effective Thank You email. 

Create a Template: Creating a template beforehand can save your time when you are supposed to send a Thank You email in short time duration. Every interview would be different, so slight alteration with regards to the program can work. However, here is a template checklist for your quick reference.

  • Do not exceed your Thank You email word count to 200. 
  • Start with a respectful greeting
  • Express your gratitude
  • Try to highlight important moments or points from the interview
  • Demonstrate your interest in the program and what you plan to contribute to the institution with your experience

Make it specific to your interview: Highlighting your unique talking points can add value to your email. By sharing things from your interview, you can demonstrate that you were actively listening to the interviewer. 

Form a genuine and sincere Thank You mail: You can sincerely thank the interviewer for their valuable time to take an interview. Make sure that every interaction made increases the chance of you landing as a student of the medical program.

Proofread and review, and do not forget to change names: When you draft an email using a template, that assures that you do not miss out. But you must be careful to change the name of the school, program, or the interviewer. Before sending an email, you must cross-check the sender’s email to ensure it reaches the right person. 

Send the Thank You Emails promptly: Promptly sending a Thank You email could be best as the interviewer will remember you and the interview session. However, you can send an interview Thank You mail 24 hours after your interview. 

Creating a reminder to send the mail can help you deliver your emails promptly and on time. An aspiring medical student versed in writing an interview Thank You mail can make a remarkable difference in getting their candidature accepted. Sign in now to submit your application and start the process of joining a medical school!

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