How Can EMR Technology Improve Healthcare?


EMR (Electronic Medical Records) technology is beginning to make huge changes in the healthcare industry possible. This is an exciting new development that will help to improve the healthcare industry and streamline tasks that used to be very time-consuming. It could result in better patient care and fewer mistakes being made due to human error. Here are some of the ways EMR technology could improve the industry in the future. 


Shared Information

In the past, individual healthcare providers have kept their own records and the information has not been shared, which has led to difficulties. For example, if a medical practitioner wants to prescribe pain medication for arthritis, they will have to ask their patient if they have received advice elsewhere. The patient may have seen a specialist at somewhere like these Kneecare Clinics, but this information is not available to the medical practitioner digitally. 

When asked, the patient says that they haven’t seen another medical practitioner as they attended a different clinic, or they have forgotten they sought advice. This leads to a disjointing of the care the patient is offered and could result in the doubling up of medication or a difference of opinion. EMR technology will mean that a medical practitioner can see at a glance if the patient has gone elsewhere if they have been prescribed treatment or medication already and they can advise accordingly. 

Digitalized Patient Care

An increasing number of appointments are now possible over the phone or via a communication platform such as Zoom. This is great for patients who might be feeling too sick to leave their homes and it frees up your waiting room and patient waiting times too. However, there is still a huge need for in-patient care as not every appointment is possible digitally. With the improvements in EMR technology, it will soon be possible to send excellent photos, video, or audio of physical symptoms and decrease the need for in-person appointments. In a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized, this is great for both patients and doctors. 

Improved Efficiency

EMR technology will mean that you no longer have to waste hours on phone calls, e-mails, or other forms of communication to find out information from another healthcare provider. This will free up a lot of time otherwise spent on administration and give you more time to deal with your patients. From the patient’s point of view, this will increase the quality of their care and improve healthcare efficiency

Improved Accuracy

Human error can occur in the healthcare profession when records have to be transferred from one place to another without the help of digitalization. Information can be copied incorrectly, handwriting can be misunderstood, and information can be missed. EMR technology means that errors are less likely to occur. 

EMR technology could be one of the most exciting things to happen in the healthcare profession this century. It will revolutionize the healthcare industry and make the clinics and surgeries of the future more efficient and easier to manage. 

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