How to Start a Medical Equipment Company

Updated on February 10, 2022

Healthcare spending grew by 9.7 percent in the United States in 2020. That includes health insurance, hospitalizations, and medical supplies.

Are you thinking about starting a new business? You might be among the millions of people looking for new opportunities to start a new career chapter.

The healthcare industry offers opportunities. The population is aging, and demand continues to increase.

Starting a medical equipment company now takes advantage of the growing healthcare market. You can provide essential equipment and make a lot of money.

How can you start a new business selling healthcare equipment? Read on to find out.

1. Choose a Medical Supply Niche

A niche is an area of the market that you serve. You could try to sell every type of medical equipment available, but doctors and administrators won’t know why they should work with you.

If you sell lab equipment like well plates and diagnostic equipment, they’ll remember your business and contact you for orders.

What should your niche be? Look for areas that are underserved or have little competition.

2. Write the Business Plan

The business plan is the document that guides you through the early stages of the medical supply company. You’ll document the target audience, marketing strategies, and financial plan.

The financial plan maps out how much it costs to start the business. You’ll develop a timeline to become a profitable medical supply business

3. Register the Business

Register the business in your state and municipality. You’ll have to apply for sales tax licenses and other business licenses.

The requirements differ from one state to the next. Your local chamber of commerce or SCORE office can guide you through the business registration process.

4. Find Suppliers

Medical suppliers are the backbone of your business. You need to partner with vendors that have a strong supply chain and deliver on time.

There are a few things to look for in suppliers. Check the terms of their contract to see if there are order minimums.

They should be communicative and innovative in the marketplace. They should also have the expertise to develop and improve products.

Research companies like Medline Industries and McKesson to see which suppliers match your needs.

5. Start Selling

You have to remember that your medical equipment supply company is among many. Doctors and administrators get bombarded with calls and emails from other medical equipment salespeople.

You’ll need to get creative to get around gatekeepers. These are people who protect the time of the decision-makers.

Sell medical supplies online and network with doctors. Attend trade shows and make direct connections with them.

Maintain a CRM system that has your leads, contacts, and notes to follow up.

Start a Medical Equipment Company

The healthcare industry offers a lot of ways to start a new career. Starting a medical equipment company isn’t that difficult.

The most important steps are to understand who your business serves and write the business plan. 

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