How to keep your kid’s feet safe from toenail fungus?

Updated on January 22, 2022

Fungus is undoubtedly one of the most stubborn infections that can make our days and nights awful. An adult might easily pass through this annoying phase, but for a kid, it can be a bit troubling. They might go through some anxiety phase as well when everyone at school would point out the grotesque toenail fungus. 

One more thing, the toenail fungus is a sign that your kid’s health condition is not quite good. Now you must also work to get him in the optimal health condition which is necessary not only for a healthy living but also to get rid of the toenail fungus. 

Before we look at any treatment for toenail fungus for kids, it is extremely important to know what precautionary measures parents should take to avoid any kind of toenail fungus.

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Explain the fungus infection to your kid 

So, kids are good at imagining things. You can explain them what the toenail fungus infection is, and they can understand why it is important for them to make sure all those measures which can keep their toenail clean. 

You can show your kids some images and videos of the toenail fungus too. It will help them in understanding the process and the infection better. 

Your kid will never follow anything that is ambiguous to them. The only way to keep your entire family safe, you should teach them properly. 

You can either ask the schoolteacher to help you in this regard. Concepts learnt at school are more effective and efficient than learned alone. There are several videos and pictures available at the internet too, they will help you in teaching your kid. 

Keep their feet clean 

Ask your kids to clean their feet thrice a day, and particularly when they come home after school etc. It needs to be a habit for them, otherwise you will always be requesting them to clean their feet. 

You can make them take it seriously by telling them that the fungus spores are contagious and if one will not clean his feet so chances are that others around him might develop the toenail fungus. 

You can give your kid a sanitizer too. Yes, it is equally good for the feet. A sanitizer will keep your kid’s feet clean even when they are out. The best thing is to ask the school or daycare centers to make it a habit.   

Do not let them share each other shoes 

You cannot ask them to do it without any proper reasoning. Kids love to try new things, and for them their sibling’s shoe is a new thing they would try for sure. You should keep on reminding them about the issue and tell them that it is against morality too. 

As kids love to share things with one another, but sharing shoes is not a good idea. The only way to avoid it is to teach all the kids and their parents about the concern, otherwise, you might make it a bit messier for the kids to understand this issue.   

Get them separate pair of shoes 

You must have two pairs of shoes for each kid. One for the outside which needs to be a covered show to avoid any kind of skin injury while running, and a slipper style shoe for the inside. It is necessary to keep the toenail fungus infection at bay. 

Cut their nails regularly 

Kids usually do not take care of their toes very much, probably because they do not find them any attractive. You need to continue a drill at your place to cut the nails every few days, or once in a week. It will make cutting the nails a habit. 

In some schools, kids are not allowed to have longer nails, thus, it is best to ask the school if they will also ensure to check the toenails as well, once a week, it will be better to make cutting the toenails a habit for the kid than to go for a separate compulsion for them.   

Tell them not to run bare foot on dirt 

You can share with them, the growth and the factors which can affect the growth of the toenail fungus. Then ask them to avoid running bare foot on the grass or dirt. Thus, they will understand the procedure to avoid the toenail fungus. 

When you will be teaching them about the toenail fungus, remember to mention the main risk and potential cause of having the nail infection, which is walking bare foot.  

Visit the doctor when needed 

The moment you see a spot on their toes, rush to someone who has excelled in this domain. Today, as you cannot just visit the hospitals and clinic, you can also search for the best toenail fungus treatment online to understand the treatment process any many well experienced podiatrists like on and pricingliposuction can help you to get rid of it as fast as possible.

The healthy diet 

The best way to fight off any kind of infection is through a balanced and healthy diet. You must keep an eye on what the kid is having. You must ensure that your child’s diet has the following things. 


A diet rich in antioxidants will help in fighting off the dead cells, and free radicals which are often produced when the human body is fighting with the worst kind of infections and viruses. If you see that your child is quite active, and there are a lot of chances of him developing the toenail fungus, then make sure to give him food rich in antioxidants. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is one of the most needed vitamins when your body get some type of skin injury or infection. You can consult the doctor I this regard and get the vitamin C supplement, but for kids, a single glass of juice will be enough to fight off the toenail fungus infection. 

Boost their immunity through diet and sports

If you are a busy bee who cannot take care of the kid while they are suffering with toenail fungal infection, then the only possible solution is keeping an eye on your kid, while feeding him foods which are supportive for a strong immune system. 

Furthermore, the immunity is not always related to the food. Sports and physical activities are also very important for the kid’s health. As it will keep the metabolism on point without making his health a risky affair. 

So, no matter what, you should always have a balanced diet and even if you see any kind of toenail fungus symptoms, the first thing you should do it to visit a good podiatrist and take care of the things mentioned above.

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